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Inside the Indian Consumer Basket: Common Spending Habits


Delving into how Indians spend their money reveals a diverse landscape of habits shaped by culture, changing trends, and economic shifts. From basics to leisure, Indian spending covers essentials like food, shelter, transport, and fun activities.

Each category reflects not just what's bought but also tells a story about how people live and make choices. In this article, we will explore the specifics within each category, offering insights into Indian consumer behavior.

Culinary Preferences

On average, Indians allocate around 40-50% of their total budget on food items.

Food remains the cornerstone of expenditure for Indian people. A significant portion of the budget is allocated to food items, encompassing essentials like rice, wheat, pulses, vegetables, and dairy products. Additionally, the preference for branded and packaged food items has seen a steady rise, reflecting changing lifestyle choices and convenience factors. Furthermore, the emergence of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and processed foods has found a place in the shopping carts of many Indian consumers, showcasing a shift in dietary preferences and consumption habits.

Prioritizing Home Comfort

Housing expenses can range from 25-35% of the household budget.

These include rent or mortgage payments, essential utilities, and upkeep of the household, all taking a considerable slice of the expenditure pie. As more people move to cities, there's a bigger demand for nicer homes and things that make life easier. This change means people are spending more to make their homes comfier. They're doing things like fixing up their homes, adding decorations, and using smart gadgets to make life more convenient and modern. This shows that Indian families want homes that are comfortable and have the latest technology.

One the Move: Transportation Trends

Indians spend roughly 10-15% of their budget on transportation.

Transportation expenses vary across the diverse landscape of India. While some rely on public transport systems, others invest in personal vehicles. The automobile industry has witnessed remarkable growth, with a surge in the purchase of cars and two-wheelers. Besides the cost of buying vehicles, there are ongoing expenses like fuel, maintenance, and insurance that add up and contribute to the overall transportation costs for Indian consumers.

The Entertainment Landscape

Entertainment typically takes up about 5-10% of a household's budget.

Entertainment holds a significant place in the lives of Indian consumers. From movies, concerts, and theme parks to digital entertainment platforms, the Indian people are keen on leisure and recreation. During the pandemic, as people spent more time indoors, the online gaming industry in India skyrocketed. According to a KPMG report, the average time Indians spent on online games increased from 2.1 hours per week (11% of total smartphone time) before the lockdown to 4.5 hours (15% of total smartphone time) within a month, showcasing approximately a 50% growth during the pandemic lockdown.

This growth was primarily driven by increased internet usage and widespread smartphone accessibility. Today, according to Times of India, individuals spend between 8.5 and 11 hours per week on gaming activities.

The rise in iGaming has presented a challenge: choosing the right platform. Among the array of options, the vast majority of Indians give preference to Parimatch, #1 global gaming platform. This choice is attributed to its numerous advantages, including 5000+ sports and casino games, fast and easy registration, multiple payment options, support for over 5 regional languages, and many others.

Industry insights reveal that India's gaming community is expected to continue expanding. According to Times of India by 2028, the Indian gaming market could reach $8-10 billion annually. This growth shows how digital entertainment in India is changing, with platforms like Parimatch set to meet the rising demand for immersive online gaming experience of the Indian audience.


The Indian consumer basket is a blend of essentials, lifestyle choices, and evolving preferences. While expenses on food, housing, and transportation take priority in spending, the heightened emphasis on entertainment spending highlights the evolving landscape of leisure activities for Indians in the digital age.

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Updated on January 3, 2024