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4 Bollywood Movies That Feature Gambling


Gambling and casino-related games have always made their way to the big screen, whether in movies or TV shows. The audience enjoys and finds entertainment in watching movies that have gambling games or feature casinos.

Movies showing actors or actresses gambling or playing casino games are not a new concept and will continue to be a thing for a long time. Surely you yourself have watched entertaining movies about gambling from time to time?

For those people who enjoy gambling or visiting casinos, gambling itself may seem quite vague or generic. It is known that there are unlimited gambling games one can find — especially in today’s digital world.

Anybody can go on the internet and look for online casinos, and there are tons of options out there to choose from. Love poker? There are live dealer games where you can play with anybody in the world. Prefer roulette? No problem! There are also tons of blackjack online games to play, and even online slot machines. You’re away! Nothing is limited to a physical location anymore — anyone can gamble online wherever they want to.

Gambling movies have always been quite popular among audiences across the globe, and more and more Bollywood storytellers are adopting these concepts in the movies. Here are some of the most popular gambling movies loved by the audience.

Top 4 Bollywood Movies About Gambling

1) Teen Patti

Teen Patti, translated as “Three Cards,” is a popular gambling card game throughout South Asia. The story revolves around this card game and has some of the most famous actors and actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood.

A renowned professor of mathematics, Venkat, who teaches maths to kids in his village, gets the chance to gamble at a casino in London. Once there, he talks about an equation with a British mathematician that would possibly redefine mathematics.

In his journey to prove his theory, Venkat goes to the internet and plays Teen Patti with online players. He finds success in his theory and submits his paper; however, it is unfortunately rejected. Adamant that he will prove his theory, Venkat tries out his experiment with live players in a casino.

The movie will keep you hooked until the end as it explores an interesting angle about how maths plays a huge role in what we find to be an entertaining activity.

2) The Great Gambler

“The Great Gambler” was released in 1979 and surely comes off as a classic in Indian cinema. This movie also has some of the most popular and respected artists in Bollywood. While it doesn’t explicitly focus on gambling, it features gambling quite prominently.

A genius, Jai, has developed skills in gambling and navigates his way through every gambling and casino game he’s offered. His playing skills eventually catch the eyes of those who want to play and work with him.

This movie shows the journey of Jai and how he spearheads his life through the entertainment world. Along with the gripping story, the movie has various shots of Lisbon, Rome, Cairo, and Venice. Even if you don’t love the story, you’re bound to find some entertainment in the cinematography, as it was also one of the most expensive movies of its time.

3) Race

This mystery movie with a twist at every turn will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats. Just like “The Great Gambler”, “Race” doesn’t primarily focus on gambling but features it.

“Race” tells us the tale of two brothers, Ranvir and Rajiv, who outwardly show a strong loving bond to the world, but harbour a strong hatred for each other within. Ranvir, a successful businessman who has an interest in participating in betting on horse races, often shows care and love for his younger brother, Rajiv.

However, when Rajiv tries to kill Ranvir so he can become the more successful sibling, the tables turn, and Ranvir seeks revenge. You will enjoy this murder conspiracy that will keep you guessing throughout the movie.

4) Race 2

As “Race” created quite a roar in the filming industry because of its storytelling elements, it went on to procure a sequel, “Race 2”. “Race 2” also doesn’t focus on gambling, but rather features it throughout the movie.

This movie also has the amazing allure of mystery and thrill as Ranvir races once again to seek revenge on the man who killed his wife. Through the world of entertainment and gambling, he meets the enemy and befriends him while forming a master plot against him.

Just like this first movie, this one will also keep you on the edge of your seat at every scene. “Race 2” has definitely managed to maintain the hype of its predecessor in the audiences’ hearts.


Bollywood has jumped forward and produced many striking and watch-worthy movies featuring casino games and gambling. Anyone who has an interest in movies is bound to find a source of entertainment with at least one movie on this list.

Gambling-themed movies definitely give their viewers the entertainment and joy they hope for from a movie. Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie based on gambling?

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Updated on March 13, 2024