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Fourth Dimension Films "Vennela" Success Meet in Detroit

The meet was organized in Canton, MI at Ashoka Restaurant Banquet hall. The Festivities started with the introduction of the Cast & Crew, Producers, Executive Producers and the Chief Guest by the MC Ramana Mudeganti. Dr Hanumaiah Bandla, TANA President was introduced as the Chief Guest.

Intro of Producers: Ravi Vallabhaneni

Ravi thanked the Cast & Crew for having given an exceptional performance in the movie. He updated the gathering with information on the movies success in India, USA. He also updated the gathering with info on the various review by critics in different Newspapers / Websites. The Review ranged from good to excellent except for one popular Telugu newspaper which reviewed the movie with out even getting the character names right. Mr. Ravi Vallabhaneni explained that the movie is not about Indian youth in America, it's about today's youth, period. The ultimate critics of the movie (the viewers) have given two enthusiastic thumbs Up for the movie. He also updated on the movies exceptional performance in various centers in the USA, including Detroit. He felt about Vennela standing up against the inflow of dubbing movies and showing the 'satta' of a native Telugu movie. He Thanked all the cast & Crew and singled out the Director and the Music Director for special praise.

Intro of Producers: Sachi Pinagapani

Sachi thanked the Cast & Crew for their performance in the movie. He gave the gathering a window view of the various tasks, activities that were taken in completing the movie like maturing the concept of the movie, casting of different characters for the movie, getting Location permissions, arranging Finance and budget control.

Intro Director: Deva Katta - Director

Thanked the cast & Crew.
He thanked the crew for their 110% dedication to the objectives of the movie.
Exceptional Crew where he enjoyed working with them.
He would work with this crew any day of the week and Twice on Sunday; such is his conviction about the quality of the crew.
He thanked the Producers, Executive producers for their conviction in giving him this opportunity to work with such an exceptional quality cast & Crew.

Chief Guest: Dr. Hanumaiah Bandla (TANA President)

Movie is a medium for Music, entertainment & Social Message.
He is of the opinion that Telugu Youth can achieve anything in this world that they are interested in.
He praised good performances of various artists of the movie.

Dr.Policherla - Executive Producer

Congratulated the team for their good work.
He anecdotally recollected his first meeting the Director Deva at the ATA conference in Chicago.
He introduced the gathering to his upcoming movie Alex.

Ramana Mudeganti - Associate Director

Ramana recollected his Associate Director duties during the shooting of the movie and the good times that he enjoyed with the Cast & the Crew.
He thanked Deva the director, the producers for giving him this opportunity and congratulated the cast & Crew for their success.

Kishore - Actor 'Khadar'

He thanked Deva the director, producers for having given him this opportunity.
He excited to hear the movie viewer's happiness with his character of Khadar in the movie Vennela.
He also recollected his experiences during the Shooting of the movie with his co-Stars.

Madhu (sunil), Shallini (deepti), & Srikanth (Asst.Choreographer) also expressed their thanks to the Director, producers for having given them this opportunity. Cast & Crew members were presented with Vennela success meet Memento's which resembled closely the Oscar's.

Viewers Response:

Shiva Varanasi, and other viewers expressed their opinion about the Movie, That it is a "Navarasabharitam ayyana cinema".
This movie has Love Laugh and 2 times Love and Laugh portraying the Struggles & Joys of Indian Students in US Universities.
Movie has exceptional Music, good beat and Rhythm and on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be an 11.
Movie portrays Laughter, Love, anger, selfishness etc in equal proportions.
The director has done a very good job in telling a story to today's youth with a message.
Has a message of having control over once self.

Vennela Team celebrated the Success by cutting a Cake.

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