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Indraganti Mohana Krishna - Interview


Indraganti Mohana Krishna’s film ‘Sammohanam’ is creating good buzz. The director talks about the film and how it took shape…

The trailer is creating good buzz, what about the film?
I have seen the film’s final version and it has come out well. Everything in this film has come out the way I expected it to be. The visuals, lead pair, music and everything seems to be merging well with each other. I am sure this film will click.

Tell us how this film happened?
This happened when I was shooting for my film Golkonda High School. I met an unusual person who does not like films. Senior actor Naresh will play the role of a person who loves films. Sudheer will be seen as Naresh’s son who hates film. The heroine is an actress and how she sets equations right is what this film is all about.

How have you projected film industry?
Some people think badly about film actresses. I have tried to change this perspective. Our hero also has this feeling. The industry is shown just for 20 minutes. Rest of the film is about the love story between the lead pair. Also there is intense family emotions in the film.

Will there is loads of comedy as well?
Yes there will be. You will get to see Naresh doing good comedy in the film. He loves movies and acting a lot in this film. Initially I was sceptical about casting him in the film. But now he has done an amazing job.

Tell us about Aditi and Sudheer Babu?
Sudheer Babu has surprised me with his performance. He is an amazing actor. When I saw Cheliya, I made up my mind that Aditi will be the actress in this film. I approached her and she agreed to be a part of this film.

Will you be working with big stars soon?
When I write a story I don’t do with any star in mind. I just write a story. I have many stars showing interest in working with me.

Updated on April 18, 2020