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Interview of Anurag on 'RadhaKrishna'


'RadhaKrishna' actor Anurag has spoken about the movie, the audience's response to it, working experience with Sreenivas Reddy and Musskan Sethi and more in this interview.

I happened to meet with Sreenivas Reddy garu on the set of a film through Ali sir. I struck a rapport with him instantly. He offered me 'Raagala 24 Gantallo', in which I played one of the lead roles. He later roped me in for 'RadhaKrishna'. If the movie has become a hit, it's mainly because of Redde garu.

It's not a small thing to bag a lead role so early on in the career. I was a bit tensed as well as excited to play the role.

Not many know about the uniqueness of Nirmal Crafts. This movie has propagated their importance besides telling a love story. A lot of effort and hard work goes into crafting the toys at Nirmal. I was witness to their difficulties while working on the movie.

Sreenivas Reddy garu is such a cool person. Working with Musskan Sethi was a great experience. Even though she is a non-Telugu actress, she slipped into the role so easily. She is also down to earth.

Working with Lakshmi Parvarthy garu was a nice experience. I didn't know that she would be essaying the character. I was surprised when I was told about her presence. It's a blessing. I didn't get to work with Senior NTR garu, but I am happy to have got to work with his wife. Coming to the technical aspects, MM Sreelekha garu's work is a big plus. Her BGM, too, is awesome.

I have seen audience walking out of the theatre with tears in their eyes. Only experienced people can achieve such a thing.

I am from Hyderabad. My family members never discouraged me from entering the film industry. It's rare to find such kind of support.

I will be seen as a rough kind of guy in my next movie. I want to play different kinds of roles on the big screen. I also thank the media for their constant support.  

Updated on February 6, 2021