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M.S.Raju talks about his "Aata"


M.S.Raju, the maverick film producer of the Telugu film industry with a 90% success rate, is all set to add another feather to his success cap with the release of the Siddartha-Ileana starrer Aata. In a chit chat with Ragalahari M.S.Raju talks about his past films and the upcoming Aata that is ready for release on the 9th of this month.

Q: What is Aata all about?
A: Aata is romantic entertainer with a social message. It is about how a boy whose is mad about films tries to mimic the actions of the film heroes. It is one of my best films to date. The first print will be ready in a couple of days and we are trying our best to release Aata on 9th May. I will be releasing the film myself in most of the areas.

Q: And how do you think the audiences will receive this film?
A: Aata will be a trendsetter just like Shiva and my own production Okkadu. Every film maker will want to make a film like this one after they watch this movie. It is two and a half hours of pure entertainment with a fast and well paced storyline.

Q: Tell us about your lead actors.
A: Along with the lead pair Siddartha and Ileana, Sunil also has an important role in the film. Siddartha, who I  consider as my son and who considers me as his godfather, is an absolute charmer in this film. He fits the role of the sweet charming guy to the tee. Ileana’s is again an important role and she has done a good job. We have introduced a new guy, Munna, in the role of the villain.

Q: Wasn’t Mamata Mohan Das you first for heroine of Aata?
A: We considered Mamata as the heroine for Harish Shankar’s story that was to be filmed in Australia. But in the last minute we had to change our plans. Some of the scenes in the film are inspired by real life incidents.  I had prepared the storyline and script for Aata long time back and Ileana was perfect for the heroine’s role. In fact, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, after watching the songs, complimented that Ileana looked like a Ragavendra Rao heroine.  And he also felt that Aata is better than NVNV. Aata has the same feel that the Hindi film Bobby had.

Q: Why such a short gap between the audio and the film’s release? You also seemed to have completed the film in record time. Why?
A: Yes. We did complete Aata in five and a half months which is quite less compared to the eleven months that we took for our earlier productions. Aata is also comparatively short with a length of only 12,500 ft. There was absolutely no wastage in the film. We completed shooting in 105 days. That is why the short gap between the audio release (on 27th April) and the film’s release (on May 9th). The audio is one of the best sellers in recent times. Watching the songs will only make them more appealing to the audiences.

Q: What are your plans for this year’s birthday (10th May)?
A: This year it will be a good birthday with Aata’s release. Last year it was kind of dull because of Pournami. But this year I have two good projects to look forward to. The script of Hare Rama Hare Krishna is ready and with both Trivikram and Mahesh Babu becoming free later this year, the film will go on floors in the coming October or November. Then I will be producing the Telugu remake of the hit Kannada movie Mungara Male. We will launch the film and then announce the cast and crew. It should start in June.

Q: Do you regret making Pournami?
A: No I don’t. It was an experience that taught me some valuable lessons. I think it was the script that was the reason for the failure. Anyways once in a while experimental movies like Pournami and Devi Puturdu are fine with me.

Q: Is it true that you will be directing your son Sumanth Ashwin in his debut film?
A: No. It is just a rumor. Sumanth will definitely act in films but when and who will direct the movie is yet to be decided.

Updated on April 25, 2020