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Will Subhapradam be Subhapradam for director K Vishwanath?

July 16, 2010
Sri Sri Rajeswari Films Pvt. Ltd
Allari Naresh, Manjari Fadnis, Dharmavarapu, Sarat Babu.
Harigopala Krishna Murthy
K. Viswanath

‘Subhapradam’, is indeed an auspicious event for director Dr K Vishwanath who is re-presenting his skills to the Telugu audience after a gap of 6 years, his last film being ‘Swarnabhishekam’ in 2004.  With a lustrous past where he has taken the Telugu film industry till the door step of Oscars through his ‘Swathi Muthyam’, he instills enough expectations from the people of all walks of life.  What else one can say about this 80 year old legend who is known for his memorable hits like ‘Sudigundalu’, ‘Sarada’, ‘O Seeta Katha’, ‘Jeevana Jyothi’, ‘Siri Siri Muvva’, ‘Seetamalakshmi’, ‘Shankarabharam’, ‘Saptapadi’, ‘Subhalekha’, ‘Sagara Sanghamam’, ‘Swathi Muthyam’, ‘Siri Vennela’, ‘Srutilayalu’, ‘Swayamkrushi’, ‘Swarna Kamalam’, ‘Sutradharulu’, ‘Swathi Kiranam’ and ‘Shubha Sankalpam’.  

Well, this being the case of the director he has aptly understood the need for today’s audience that is a comedy coated message.  And that is how Allari Naresh is in picture.  Naresh is also known for his success in the industry with none of his films failing to make a mark in the minds of fans.  The impression he carries among his admirers is stronger than any macro hero in the industry.  The title of this film contrary to all his films gives a bit of serious nature.  However going by the industry news the movie is expected to be a mix of music, Telugu traditional values with a strong coat of Allari’s comedy.  

When it comes to heroine Manjari Fadnis, she is having a success stamp right from a Hindi flick ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ and her debut movie in Telugu ‘Siddu from Sikkakulam’.  So this will not be a new experience for her as she has already understood the vibes of Allari Naresh and hence can give a meaningful performance in this film also.  But the only difference here would be that she has to shed the glamorous dress and embrace the traditional one.

Coming to the music, Mani Sharma dons the role and surely it will be Vishwanath’s rythmn that will dominate than Mani Sharma’s individuality.  So to say Mani Sharma has not disappointed his director and fans as clearly seen from the success of the audio release of this film. The songs ‘Tappatlo Thaalaloi’, ‘Mouname Chebutondi’, ‘Nee Navve Kadadaaka’ are already hits among the public.  So he has done his job very well.  Having given this success, it’s now the job of cameraman Venu Gopal to provide feast to the eyes.  One cannot forget the film ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenodhantana’ and the contribution the camera made to its success.   The exploring eyes of director, his experience and the picturesque locations like Allepey & Chalakudy Waterfalls in Kerala, Vishakapatnam, Guntur, Annavaram and Hyderabad will not fail to entertain in the hands of Venu Gopal and his camera.  

The producers Harigopala Krishna and Peela Neela Tilak have not done any mistake in giving the project to the legendary director K Vishwanath and opting for his favourite subject a semi-classical music oriented film which may capture the audience’s attention without fail. One can expect a good response on July 16th when it hits the theaters in AP and worldwide.