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Shaadi Mubarak Movie Review

March 5, 2021
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Veer Sagar, Drishya Raghunath, Aditi, Jhansi, Hema, Rajasri Nair, Priyadarshi Ram, Hemanth, Shatru, Bhadram, Madhu Nandan, Ajay Ghosh
Padma Sri
Srikanth Naroj
Vamsi Kaka
Bandi Ratna Kumar
T Srinivas Reddy
Sunil Kashyap
Raju & Sirish
Padma Sri

'Shaadi Mubarak' was begun by a team of young producers, who eventually were saved by Dil Raju taking over the struggling film. A rom-com, the film is out in theatres today (March 5). Here is our review of the latest box-office release.


Sunnipenta Madhav (Sagar), who works in Australia, is in Hyderabad to look for a bride. A marriage broker has arranged three appointments for him. She asks her daughter Sathyabhama (Drishya Raghunath) to accompany the groom-to-be throughout the day. How Madhav and Sathyabhama, who is slightly irked to be doing the job for her mother, end up falling in love with each other by the end of the day is the crux of the story.


Sagar, better known to TV serial fans as the star of 'Mogali Rekulu' and 'Chakravakam', does an okayish job. His acting in the serious scenes in the last portions of the film is impressive. Drishya Raghunath carries the film on her shoulders. She is practically there in every scene. Her acting may need some fine-tuning but she does a worthy job, overall.

Ajay Ghosh, Shatru, Ram Reddy and Rajshri Nair get visible roles. Comedian Bhadram outshines Rahul Ramakrishna, who plays a cabbie. Madhunandhan doesn't get to do comedy.

Technical aspects

Sunil Kashyap's songs don't impede the flow of the film. The pub song and 'Krishna Ne Begane' are enjoyable. Srikant Naroj's cinematography passes muster for a film of this scale.

At 135 minutes, the film is a bit lengthy. It could have been tripped to the tune of 5 minutes or so.


'Shaadi Mubarak' deserves applause for telling its story from the perspective of its female lead. The story begins with Sathyabhama speaking her mind in the presence of her parents. Her scenes with her father (played by Ram Reddy) are mature.

Once Sagar enters the screen as a potential groom, the rom-com scenes take off in the car that the lead pair travel. Rahul Ramakrishna's comedy doesn't work here. But the occasional comedy based on the character and situations evokes laughs.

The male lead slowly starts developing feelings for Sathyabhama, whose irritated state of mind doesn't put him off. The two characters meet a range of inane characters, which is somewhat not convincing. There are cinematic liberties that the film takes.

The second half looks a bit stretched. However, writer-director Padmasri infuses regular doses of situational comedy and saves the day.

Closing Remarks

'Shaadi Mubarak' tells a young woman's love story mainly as her story. There are a good amount of comedy moments that engage the audience. Watch it for some light moments.


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