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Shekar Movie Review

May 20, 2022
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Dr. Rajashekar, Prakash Raj, Shivani Rajasekhar, Aathmeeya Rajan, 'George Reddy' fame Muskaan Kubchandhani, Abhinav Gomatam, Kannada Kishore, Sameer, Bharani, Ravi Varma, Shravan Raghavendra, Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali
Vankayalapati Murali Krishna
Lakshmi Bhupala
Jeevitha Rajashekar
Mallikarjun Naragani
Garry BH
Sampath & Dattatreay
Naidu Surendra Kumar - Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)
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Palati Srinivas Rao
Anup Rubens
Beeram Sudhakara Reddy, Shivani Rajashekar, Shivathmika Rajashekar, Boggaram Venkata Srinivas
Jeevitha Rajasekhar

'Shekar' was released in theatres today. Let's find out what are its hits and misses in this review.


Shekar (Rajasekhar) is a super-intelligent cop who takes voluntary retirement. When his estranged wife Indhu (Athmeeya Rajan) meets with a road accident and is hospitalized, Shekar is deeply upset. Much to his shock, he stumbles upon a few clues that hint that the so-called accident was a planned conspiracy. The death of his daughter Geetha (Shivani Rajasekhar) also haunts him in the wake of new suspicions. The rest of the film is about how Shekar embarks on an investigation to find out the truth behind the tragedies in his life.


This is not a performance-driven movie by any measure. The performances barely scratch the surface. Rajasekhar looks confident but the lack of energy in his performance is palpable. The salt-n-pepper look covers his face and his eyes do all the talking.

The rest of the cast is easily forgettable. Athmeeya and Muskaan Kubchandhani have nothing much to prove. Shivani, who was enjoyable in 'Adbhutham', is relegated to a weak role. Comedian Abhinav Gomatam plays a serious part for a change.

Kannada Kishore, Sameer, Bharani, and Shravan Raghavendra are boring. Posani Krishna Murali and Prakash Raj are seen in special appearances, with the former as a top cop and the latter as a lawyer.

Technical aspects

Anup Rubens' songs would not have worked in any film of any genre. Perhaps, they would have worked for a low-end family entertainer in the 2000s. Even though they are musical, they are ill-fitting. His BGM is adept, though.

The cinematography and other elements barely understand the genre of the film. They are laidback.


The film is almost a faithful remake of 'Joseph' (the 2018 Malayalam-language movie), which was scripted by a police officer named Shahi Kabir. This perhaps explains the film's religious adherence to the investigative procedural.

In the opening sequence, the titular character solves a murder mystery in no time. This may not be a perfect intro but our hopes do soar after watching it. In the following segments, however, 'Shekar' loses track and becomes a melodramatic sob festival, dragged down in no small measure by the stale vibes of story-telling. The brief flashbacks are made unbearable by the sluggish narration.

As the film inches towards the interval, it manages to spike some interest. The second half is inundated with investigative scenes. Shekar's collaboration with his trusted former colleagues and a cyber tech expert makes for an occasionally passable watch.

On the whole, though, 'Shekar' is found wanting on several parameters. The exact nature of the crime angle is unpredictable. That's fine. But the specifics don't engross the audience.

Closing Remarks

'Shekar' is a faithful remake that doesn't quite care for the latest cinematic trends in Telugu cinema. As a storyline, it looks fine. But the narration is weak.

Critic's Rating