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ZEE Telugu Friday Telecast - Asidhara - Press Note


Written by: - Dr Vasireddy Seetha Devi, Well Known Writer
Produced by: Haritha Productions
Director : P Sambasiva Rao, Famous Film Director

Star Cast

Bhargavi - Popular TV anchor
Chakravarthy - TV Actor
Delhi Rajeswari - Well-known Film & TV actress
Bhavani - TV anchor

Saroja weds Sekhar. Arranged marriage. Rambhadraiah, Saroja’s father after scrutinizing from all angles felt that his only daughter, Saroja will be happy all her life and fixed Sekhar’s alliance.

Saroja enters the house along with Sekhar and First thing she see is the photograph of Sunanda prominently placed in the hall. Sunanda is the first wife of Sekhar who died very young. From that moment starts the mental agaony of Saroja. Her mother-in-law goes away saying that she has been living in the Ashram ever since the death of her husband and she came back to see her son got married. So, Saroja is all alone in that house. Sekhar goes to office. Servant maid goes off after her duties are over. Mali is there but his duties are out doors. All this makes Saroja feel lonely and scary.

The reason for all this confusion is - people directly say that Sekhar has deliberately killed Sunanda. Some say Sekhar has driven her to death. One thing is certain. There was a big hue and cry over Sunanda’s death and several women welfare associations have agitated against Sekhar.

All this creates confusion, she is scared whenever Sekhar comes near her. But the affection and love Sekhar bestows on her gives her relief. This again will be short lived because somebody comes and makes a bad comment on Sekhar’s temperament. Saroja requests her father to come and stay with her. But her father says he has taken up a social service assignment and so express his inability to come and stay with Saroja.

One day Sekhar comes home with injuries and bleeding. Saroja is shocked. Sekhar tells her that one lady, Sarada his colleagues is after him. He tells her that she is pestering him to marry her. She has no objection even if it is second marriage. When he rejected her advances she threatened to kill herself and pulled out a knife. He tried to stop her and in that scuffle he is injured. Saroja attends to his wounds and curses Sarada for being so shameless.

Next day after Sekhar leaves for office Saroja gets a phone call, calling person is Sarada. She wants to see Saroja once. Reluctantly, Saroja agrees and asks Sarada to come home. Sarada comes and tells Saroja that Sekhar was her classmate and since their college days Sekhar was after her saying he is in love with her and wants to marry her. She has been rejecting him and later on she got married and went away. Now he came back and started working in an office and accidentally met him one day. Again he started pestering her and yesterday Sekhar came and started bothering her and when she again refused he attacked her with a knife and in the scuffle she got injured. She shows her injury also. She tells her that some passers by attacked Sekhar and Saved her. Sarada finally tells Saroja that Sekhar is suffering with some mental disorder and needs immediate medical attention.

Saroja is confused. Just then the servant maid comes and says she can not find the vegetable cutting knife in the kitchen. Saroja gives her money to bring a fresh knife along with some vegetables and sends her away. Sekhar comes home, Saroja blames him for telling lies about Sarada. Sekhar realizes that Sarada has come home and told everything to Saroja. Sekhar attacks her. Just then Servant maid returns home with a new knife in her basket. Sekhar picks it up and attacks Saroja and servant maid. Saroja runs out of the house in fear and falls down under a passing vehicle.

Saroja is in the hospital recovering from injuries.

Sekhar is in a mental asylum cell. On his face one voice is heard.

Mental disorder in its initial stages is just like any common disease li
Updated on February 8, 2006