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Original concepts, audience centric programming of highest quality has helped Zee Telugu gain acceptance among the Telugu Households across the State of Andhra Pradesh. Today, Zee Telugu is a Channel to reckon with and is growing in popularity by the day. FRIDAY RELEASE is zee Telugu’s very own idea that brings taste of big cinema on small screen.


Friday Release will be one of its kind in South Indian Industry. Friday Release will start from the first week of January 06 and as the name suggests. “Friday Release” features 95 mnt feature film, specifically made for Television, which contains all the elements of a good feature film for a family entertainer.

We are extremely proud and feel honored that some of the Big Names in the film industry are making these wonderful films to be showcased on Zee Telugu. Sri K.Raghavendra Rao, Dr.Paruchoori Gopala Krishna, Sri Yendamuri Veerendranath, Sri Yerramsetti Sai, Sri Sambasivarao, Sri Meer, Sri PC Reddy, and Vasireddy Seetha Devi Garu whole hosts of people who matter are producing films exclusively for Zee Telugu.

We are certain that this Venture of Zee Telugu will attract discerning audience who would like to see some fresh and top quality feature films premiered on Television. For the month of January, we have the following Friday Releases as listed below:

TELECAST DATE : 06-01-2006
PREMIER SHOW TITLE : Mounamelanoyi
DIRECTOR : Mr. Meer (Cameraman & Editor)
STARRING : Sameer, Ramjagan, Lahari, Sana and Others
SYNOPSIS : A delicate romantic tale penned by Sri Yendamuri Veerendranath depicting witty, rather ironic situations of the protagonist, with a lingering after taste. Sambhumitra a handsome, well to do young man, could never understand how to talk his way out with a girl. How, he eventually overcomes his predicament and befriends a girl and what discoveries he makes in the process form part of an interesting denouncement.

TELECAST DATE : 13-01-2006
PREMIER SHOW TITLE : Ningi..Nela..Savitri… Arundati Nakshatram
DIRECTOR : Mr.Yerramsetti Sai
STARRING : Narasimha Raju (Cine Hero), Meghana, Bhaskar (Cine Hero), Lahari (Cine actress), Bhargav (Cine artist) & Goutham Raju(Cine Comedian)
SYNOPSIS : A heart-rending tale of a woman, her trysts with destiny, and the three men in her life with diametrically opposite perspectives. First she is accused of lacking in trust and then becomes a victim of trusting too easily. The third relation ship lands her in a mess of a marriage, when she finally chooses to live by herself. But, destiny has other plans for her and gives her life a new meaning and purpose.

TELECAST DATE : 20-01-2006
PREMIER SHOW TITLE : Rayavaram Ravvala Necklace
DIRECTOR : Mr. A.Hari Charan Rao ("Amrutam" Serial Fame In Gemini)
STARRING : Devdas Kanakala (Well known actor), Srinivasa Reddy (Comedian), Harshavardhan (Amrutam fame), Sudarshan (Mr.Pellam fame)
SYNOPSIS : An absolute comedy of errors about tricks and counter tricks by a bunch of con men driven by need and greed, who are out to take possession of an invaluable ancestral necklace of the Landlord Rajarao family. A horde of avaricious, notorious and often funny characters enter the scene and compete with each other to evoke laughter and create a rip roaring comedy. It is a story of Sri Nanduri Rama Krishna, a popular novelist & short story writer.

TELECAST DATE : 27-01-2006
DIRECTOR : P.S.Narayana
STARRING : Anant, Ambika Rani, Rajasree, Padma Jayanti and Kallu Krishna Rao
SYNOPSIS : Green card offers a humorous look at the present day society. It makes use of the craving among a bunch of high-society ladies, for marrying their kids off to US bound grooms. The women who are all members of a cultural club vie with each other and resort to dirty tricks and manipulations to prove their one upmanship.

Zee Telugu is confident that it will very soon rise to heig
Updated on January 5, 2006