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Mayabazaar - Overseas Release by Great Movies & Raghavendra Media


Great Movies and Raghavendra Media acquired “MAYABAZAAR - Myth, Magic and Money” Overseas theatrical Screening, D.V.D and Video rights. The Movie is releasing on November 10th. Great Movies and Raghavendra Media acquired B. Satyanarayana, Raja & Bhumika's “MAYABAZAAR - Myth, Magic and Money, Which is produced by B.Satyanarayana, “MISSAMMA” fame who had an art of perfect film making and Directed by award winning director Indraganti Mohan Krishna of “GRAHANAM” fame who had been praised by all the major websites in their reviews with his technical, creative and narrative skills. Raja who is an NRI’s Hero from “ANAND” to “VENNELA: paired up with Missamma “Bhumika Chawla” with all other crew of comedians and character actors.. Interesting factor is that it is Raja’s 7th Movie as hero and incidentally paired up with Bhumika Chawla like other movies “OKKADU”, “KHUSHI” and “SIMHADRI“ (Okkadu is Maheshbabu 7th, Khushi is Pawankalyan 7th, and Simhadri is Jr N.T.R’s 7th movie) Music has given by “K.M. Radha Krishnan” who has delivered classic tunes for ANAND. Sri Late D.V.Narasaraju garu who had worked as his last movie in his 52 years of industry relation with 92 films which includes all time memorable flicks like Donga Ramudu, Raja Makutam, Gundamma Katha, Bhakta Prahlada, Rangula Ratnam, Ramu, Yama Gola and Manasu Mamata. By Considering above all true proven factors with lot of faith and confidence on B.Satyanarayana garu along with other various commercial and sentimental factors we are excited and acquired the overseas rights. Our sincere thanks to Producer B.Satyanarayana garu for giving this opportunity. For Exhibit this movie in U.S Region Contact
Srinivas Vemuri – 313 433 5250 Ramana Reddy - 206 384 8468
For Exhibit this movie in rest of U.S except India contact
Siva Dumpala - +61433815747 Satish - +61433118744 or email to [email protected]
Updated on October 26, 2006