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Sainikudu Press Meet


In view of the film’s release on 30th November producer Aswini Dutt arranged a press meet wherein most of the crew of Sainikudu, starring Mahesh Babu and Trisha in the lead roles, spoke about the film.

“Sainikudu will be released simultaneously, on 30th November, in India, USA, UK, Gulf, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with 270 prints.” Producer Aswini Dutt said “the film’s music has already received a tremendous response. This kind of response for the music Chiranjeevi’s Indra, also from my banner, received”. Speaking about the film’s technical aspect Aswini Dutt continued “Hollywood technician Utsi had to lose out on three other projects because he had fulfill his commitments to Sainikudu. Technical greats like Srikar Prasad and Peter Hynes also worked on this movie. Sainikudu is the first Indian movie to be color graded using the ARRI scan. Sainikudu is also the first film with digital intermediate”.

“Sainikudu will be eye candy” Rana (grandson of D.Ramanaidu) said “I am happy and proud of the fact that Ramanaidu studios has brought in the new ARRI scan to India. SPIRIT was established to do graphics related post production work, at affordable prices. I would like to thank Aswini Dutt for bringing in our first project, Sainikudu”.

Speaking about the latest Digital Intermediate technique director Guna Sekhar said “DI helps to make a graphically designed scene look very natural. Sainikudu is a film made on a grand scale and we had to ensure that the end product is as grand. Utsi, who worked for the Lord of the Ring series, flew in from Germany especially for Sainikudu. Also cinematography by Balasubrasmayam, a protégée of P.C.Sreeram, is wonderful. Particularly for a flood scene where the hero rescues the villagers, the feel of the entire scene is so real that one will feel as if he is actually in that situation. The color grading just added to the movie’s splendor”.

Hollywood technician Utsi also spoke on the occasion relaying his experience on working with an Indian film crew.
Updated on November 23, 2006