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Shivaji - The Boss


Superstar Rajnikanth is undoubtedly is the boss of box-office in South India. His charisma and popularity cuts across the languages and regions. He proved his star power constantly with many hits including Narasimha, Basha, Muthu and Chandramukhi. The reigning star of South India is now coming up with Shivaji – The Boss. He joins hands with Shankar, one of the high-profile directors of South India. The prestigious production house AVM made this humongous film shot at Rs 60 Crores and did business around Rs 80 Crores. Bellamkonda Suresh is acting as producer for Telugu version although all rights are with AVM. What is it to offer? Shivaji is Rajnikanth's film all the way. Yet it is shot in Shankar's style – gigantic on screen with a message. Great locales, stunning visuals, mind-boggling action episodes, entertainment, social message, beautiful heroine, rocking music – what not it offers everything one goes to see for a commercial movie. Plot Rajinikanth (Shiivaji) plays the role of a NRI software analyst. He returns from USA to India to set up colleges and hospitals. Suman plays a business tycoon who feels threatened by Shivaji's charity plans. So he conspires against Shivaji, ruins his plans and ensures Sivaji is jailed. Once out of jail Sivaji seeks revenge on Suman who is responsible for his plight. He also unearths crores of black money from various businessmen and makes it white and does it for good cause. He also loves a traditional Telugu girl (Shriya) and marries her. But she initially refuses to marry him fearing he'd die if she marries him, as one astrologer told her. Message that it gives It talks about the lying black money in the country. If we can unearth all the black money and use it for the development of the society, India can become great nation. Specialties * For Rajinikanth, Shivaji is his 9th movie with AVM Productions and for director Shankar, known for making big budget films, this is his 9th movie in his directional career.Incidentally Rajinikanth's lucky number is also 9 and the superstar hopes this movie will bring great success. * Rajnikanth plays the role of Shivaji, which happens to be Rajni's real name. Shivaji Rao is Rajnikant's real name before he became a star. * Shivaji's look and style is designed by Shankar himself after watching all his films. * Rajinkanth and heroine Shriya's costumes are designed by Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra. * The first song on the film is shot on Rajnikant and Nayantara. * Shriya's glamour is major attraction. Incidentally, Shriya was not Shankar's first choice. Names of leading Bollywood ladies including Aishwarya Rai, Ayesha Takia and Rani Mukherjee were initially proposed for the said role. * Glass set erected by art director Tota Tharani and K V Anand's cinematography are said to be in top notch. * Running time of the film is 3 hours 5 minutes. 3 + 5 = 8 which is director Shankar's lucky number.
Updated on June 14, 2007