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Muvvas Imaginations - Casting Call


We are currently looking for actors to perform the following roles. Please email [email protected] * 1. Dr. Sam: (INDIAN) About 50 years old, rich Doctor, with graying hair. He is a very stylish and neat looking guy. Always wears designer suits. He is funny, witty and sarcastic, but at the same time sports a tough attitude. He feels as though he is completely westernized and has lost his Indian roots. * 2. Anu: (INDIAN) Sam’s wife, late 40’s, housewife, very emotional and greatly misses being a part of Indian culture. A doting mother to Geetana. She is cute, witty and romantic – especially when she is in Sam’s company. * 3. Geetana: (INDIAN) Sam and Anu’s daughter, around 25 years of age. Not interested in dressing up; very intellectual, ambitious and goal oriented. She loves her dad immensely and always trusts his judgment. Geetana is a trained Indian traditional dancer. * 4. Hari: (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years old, VERY rich guy, he has completed his Masters degree in the USA and works for a Financial company. He is funny and jovial. Likes Hyderabad (a city in India) as well as people who also like this city. All the way Indian. Loves biryani (Indian Rice) and Tea. * 5.Hari Friend 1 (Narayan): (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years of age. Very Rich guy. Hari’s friend and roommate. Loves cooking and serving food. He is very innocent of character, and tends to be very focused on his goals. * 6. Hari Friend 2 (Ven): (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years of age. Hari’s friend and roommate. Venkat looks after and runs his father’s transportation business in USA. Venkat is a new generation, hippy guy. He likes to hang out and party a lot. * 7. NICK: (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years old, a very dynamic and goal oriented entrepreneur. His life’s ambition is to become rich. * 8. Ramana: (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years old. RAMANA works for Nick, and is stuck at Nick’s company while his permanent resident application is still in process. * 9. Dr. Moorthy: (INDIAN) Male, Around 50 years old. Dr Sam’s colleague and friend. He struggles like a typical Indian dad, when he finds that his only daughter Mandira is dating an African American guy. * 10. Lakshmi: (INDIAN) Female, 40-45 years old. Dr. Moorthy’s wife, also friends with Anu (Dr. Sam’s wife). * 11. Mandira: (INDIAN) Female, 20-23 years old, very modern thinking and recently went through the phase of changing from a teen to a young lady. * 12. Ramana’s Mom: (INDIAN) Female, 45-50 years old, very innocent, is constantly praying to God, and hates American culture. * 13. Ramana’s Dad: (INDIAN) Male, 50-60 years old. Funny, tries to be active, and likes to American life style. * 14. Ganapathy: (INDIAN) Male, 25-30 years old. He is a naïve type of guy who comes to see Geetana for marriage, but he ends up marrying another girl from India. * 15. Ganapathy’s wife: (INDIAN) Female, 20-24 years old, recently married.
Updated on March 7, 2008