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Gold Rush - A Women's only Game Show back again on Zee Telugu


Gold Rush which rocked on the Telugu TV screens in the year 2005 is back again with the same successful Host Udaya Bhanu and with fresh n Entertaining Rounds. It will enthrall Telugu Audiences from 2nd June every Mon - Thu 7.30 PM onwards. The fascination of women with gold needs no re-iteration. It’s been the same ever since the mankind discovered this precious yellow metal. The same continues even to this day. That the demand for the yellow metal has not decreased despite the ever rising costs is testimony to this very fact. Capitalizing on this fascination and converting it into a game-show exclusively for women is – GOLD RUSH. The USP for the show is that winning and owning gold is extremely simple. It’s the women who can decide how much they want to win and go for it. The mechanism of participating and winning is made extremely innovative and full of fun, thus making it an engrossing television show. Until now women had to watch only sob stories in the guise of serials. Now they have another option. They no longer have to be just the audience. They can be seen on screen and win loads of gold in the process. GOLD RUSH as a television show format has been developed around providing thirty minutes of pure entertainment to the television audience. Everyone in the studio audience has an equal chance of being able to win gold – totaling upto 100 grams. The challenge of winning 100 grams of gold is spread over five different segments or rounds. This will be the same for everyone. Every one is equal and every one stands an equal chance of winning 100 grams of gold. Out of the 20 women who have been selected and invited to be the studio audience, the anchor picks up the name of one woman who will join her on stage and in the golden seat. This lucky woman is given one gram gold straightaway. She gets to keep this gram of gold, irrespective of her performance on the show. The participant thus coming to the golden seat now enters the round – 1. ROUND – 1 The woman participant who has reached the golden seat gets asked 3 simple questions. These questions could be from – Mythology, films, Household or even about Andhra Pradesh. In order to make them winners and also to whet their appetite for more gold, these questions would be very simple. The participant has to correctly answer all three questions to advance into the next round. She also has the option of quitting the game at any stage of this round but not after she asks for the next question. Each right answer fetches her 3 grams of gold. i.e. 3*3gms = 9gms ROUND – 2 Here the participant has to rely on her sense of touch and identify three objects / items placed before her. The catch here is that she cannot see these items. To get through this round too the participant has to identify all three items correctly. Every right answer fetches her 5 grams of gold. i.e. 3*5gms = 15gms ROUND – 3 The participant who gets to round three considers herself lucky and so now has the option of playing a small game which involves luck. This could be a roll of dice after selection of the exact number; the exact colour of a card or some such activity. She will have three attempts at getting it right. Once she gets this right she wins 25 grams of gold. i.e. 1*25gms = 25gms ROUND – 4 In this round the participant has to randomly pick a card from amongst others. Each card is a LIST of items in random order. She is given a minute to study the card and memorise the list. She then has to recall the entire list and give it back verbally to the anchor and the studio audience. Should she get a predetermined number of correct answers, she advances into the next round. Every correct answer fetches the participant 2 grams of gold. Once she gets the entire list right, the anchor gives her a bonus option. The bonus question will be just that. The anchor asks th
Updated on May 31, 2008