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King comes in Blue-Ray


The Biggest blockbuster movie starring Akkineni Nagarjuna & Trisha, ‘KING’ released on the next-generation optical Disc called – Blu-ray Disc 50 (BD-50). Uni Ads, Ltd., a Pioneer in outdoor advertising, proudly presents the FIRST Telugu Blu-ray of KING. Uni Ads has produced this Blu-ray in association with and released Worldwide (Except India) on 13th, October, 2009. King Blu-ray disc is available from all the popular websites and the retails stores all over USA.

With the release of King Blu-ray, We have reached a prestigious milestone in Telugu Cinema. King Blu-ray has utilized the Blu-ray teachnology to the maximum extent by releasing it on a dual-layer disc (BD-50).

The first Blu-ray film in Telugu ‘KING’ is authored by Prasad EFX in its state-of-the art Blu-Ray compression and authoring facility in Chennai. Prasad EFX scanned the original picture negatives at 1920x1080 (High Definition) resolution using a very high end 4K resolution scanner for best results and performed the color correction using the latest color grading systems. This has ensured excellent color management throughout the film, fine details and very good clarity, thus enhancing the viewers experience to a level previously not available in Indian Films. Having worked on major Indian feature film projects including Sivaji, Kuruvi, Billa, Pokkiri and Villu, Prasad EFX’s expertise in Blu-Ray has been appreciated by the industry at large.

Your browser may not support display of this image. KING Blu-ray Disc Features:
Pristine High Definition 24p Video - 1920x1080p - AVC H.264
Uncompressed LPCM (24 bit) & Dolby Digital 5.1(16 bit) Audio
On screen Popup & More interactive Menus
English Subtitle and TeluguAudio Stream

Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a next-generation optical disc format developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD). The format offers more than five times the storage capacity of traditional Standard-definition (SD) DVDs and can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. This extra capacity combined with the use of advanced video and audio codecs will offer consumers an unprecedented HD experience.

Blu-ray is currently supported by most of the world's leading video game and music companies. The format also has broad support from the major movie studios as a successor to today's DVD format. In fact, all of the major movie studios (Disney, Fox, Warner, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate and MGM) have been releasing movies in the Blu-ray format.
Updated on October 14, 2009