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Limited Edition AUDI A5 sports car for KARMA


Adivi Sesh's telugu thriller, "Karma - Do You Believe?", has many unique things going for it. "Karma" is the first Telugu film to be shot entirely in the U.S. Not a single shot was done anywhere else. After the twin successes of 'Vinayakudu' and 'Village lo Vinayakudu', this film is being presented by the talented Nandi Award winning director, Sai Kiran Adivi.

Recently, the makers brought in a special limited edition Audi A5 sports car for the film. First, they went ahead and shot some pivotal sequences for the pre climax with the A5, in addition to featuring it in a helicopter shoot.

Now, the producers have gone ahead and shot a specially stylized promotional music video with the car. The video features Adivi Sesh in a unique avatar and incorporates several important sequences from the film. This video is for promotional use only and was especially shot as a "concept" video, not as a regular song that is part of the film.

Some facts about the car
- Audi has only sold a few hundred of this rare car in the United States and only a few thousand in the entire world.
- Unlike the A4 or Q4 models, the A5 is a rare breed of car, it is currently unavailable in India.
- The producers went ahead and put in a custom orange leather interior in the car for the "look".
- The car has custom "Brilliant Black" paint. Since a car in this color was unavailable during the shoot, the producers had it specially ordered from overseas and had it shipped to suit the character of the film.

Updated on February 3, 2010