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Magadheera First Telugu Blu-Ray Disc in India


Geetha Arts, one of the leading production houses since 1972, has not only produced mega blockbusters in Indian languages but also pioneered many innovations. This time around, Geetha Arts has joined hands with Balaji Video, the largest home video company, to woo the audiences with a new offering – The all-time blockbuster Magadhereera on Blu-Ray. It includes a bonus disc with additional material. While the DVDs will hit the stands on the 3rd week of March, the Blu-Ray will be available 2 weeks after that. The Blu-Ray discs will be made available outside India for overseas viewers. Incidentally, this is the first time  a Telugu movie’s Blu-Ray disc is being released in the Indian market. Blu-Ray disc is the latest storage format which redefines home-viewing besides giving an experience on par with cinemas in picture quality and sound. A generation ahead of DVDs.

- Master (1997) was the first Telugu film to be released on an audio CD, beside the first Telugu film to be released in DTS.
- Johnny (2003) was the first Telugu film to have movie merchandising. Also the first film in Telugu to have in-film placement and co-branded advertising. It was also the first Telugu film to use sync-sound while filming.
- Jalsa (2008) was the first Telugu film to have a mobile game based on it. Also, the first telugu film using standees in theaters as a publicity tool.
- On its home production Ghajini, starring Aamir Khan Geetha Arts also created India’s first PC game, in association with FX Labs.

As per popular demand, Magadheera is finally going to release on Blu-Ray. Initially, we decided to give it a miss due to the high cost and low-penetration levels in Andhra Pradesh. As per market sources there are only around 2500 devices in Andhra Pradesh capable of playing Blu-Ray discs (includes Sony PS3). But, the sheer amount of requests on my blog and Twitter made me rethink my strategy for Blu-Ray. We decided to invest in the technology and see how consumers lap it. Sharing this vision with us was Sri Balaji Videos, the largest home-video label in Andhra Pradesh. Togather, we’re brining out Magadheera on Blu-Ray. Though a label Bhavani DVD release Nagarjuna’s King on Blu-ray, it was only for the overseas market. This makes Magadheera the first Blu-Ray film to be released in India and with a bonus disc with additional footage. Hope, the audience give this initiative a thumbs-up motivating home-video labels and producers to release more films on this new format. Below is the official press note in this regards. We’re also a holding a press event on this regard to officially announce the launch of the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Updated on February 23, 2010