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SIMHA Business Status in the US


We, Raju, Hari & Satish on behalf of SUPREME MOVIES LLC thanks overseas exhibitors for the over whelming response for exhibiting SIMHA in their cities.

We congratulate all the exhibitors who have become part of this venture. It is a record that we have not sold this movie to anyone on outright basis and still were able to close the record number of centers. This is a great feat which not many movies will achieve, thanks to Parachuri Prasad Garu and Boyapati Srinu Garu and his team. This movie is carrying a very good pre-release talk and we sincerely hope that SIMHA will bring glory to all the exhibitors and distributors across the North America.

For the first time, a Bala Krishna Nandamuri film is going to release with a record number of prints in USA on April 30th. Bala Krishna has teamed up with Boyapati Seenu who delivered two consecutive blockbusters Badra and Tulasi. Simha is expected be a hat-trick hit for Boyapati Seenu. Paruchuri Prasad produces this movie.
For OPEN centers: Satish 678 - 468 - 6624/ Hari 510 579 7832 / [email protected]

Business Status:

Sno. Centre Name  Status

1 Dallas, TX            OPEN
2 Delaware, DE      OPEN
3 Los Angeles, CA  OPEN
4 Minneapolis         CLOSED
5 Madison              CLOSED
6 Milwauke            CLOSED
7 Bloomington        CLOSED
8 Peoria                CLOSED
9 Indianapolis, IN  CLOSED
10 Edison, NJ        CLOSED
11 North Bergen, NJ CLOSED
12 Herndon,VA     CLOSED
13 Sanjose, CA    CLOSED
14 Milpitas, CA    CLOSED
15 Chicago, IL    CLOSED
16 Houston, TX  CLOSED
17 Denver, CO   CLOSED
18 Detroit, MI    CLOSED
19 Atlanta, GA    CLOSED
20 Minneapolis   CLOSED
21 Boston          CLOSED
22 Connecticut  CLOSED
23 Hoster          CLOSED
24 Bridgeport    CLOSED
25 Charlotte, NC CLOSED
26 Raliegh         CLOSED
27 Cary, NC      CLOSED
28 Charlotte, NC CLOSED
29 Greenville    CLOSED
30 Memphis     CLOSED
31 Columbus   CLOSED
32 Cleveland   CLOSED
33 Cincinnati   CLOSED
34 Dayton       CLOSED
35 St Louis     CLOSED
36 Kansas City CLOSED
37 Austin       CLOSED
38 San Antonia CLOSED
39 Saltlake City CLOSED
40 Omaha       CLOSED
41 Tampa, FL   CLOSED
42 Orlando, FL CLOSED
43 Miami, FL     CLOSED
44 West Palm Beach, FL CLOSED
45 Tallahassee, FL CLOSED
46 Jacksonville, FL CLOSED
47 Ocala, FL      CLOSED

-Hari/510 579 7832


Updated on April 25, 2010