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Zee Telugu brings a Socio Mythological Serial-Maha Devi


Mega daily serial to go on air from Nov 26th onwards only on Zee Telugu

Indian mythology has a very rich and powerful heritage of worshipping Shakti Roopa's-the Navadurgas, 9 forms of Devis' who are known for strength, knowledge, power, and divinity.

Zee Telugu taps into this feminine power of Nava Durgas' to produce a story of Maha Devi who is blessed by the 9 Durgas with a celestial sankam (conch).  This sankam has been given abilities which make it coveted by one and all.  The fight beteen evil and good in the form of Maga Durga makes the crux of the story.  Zee Telugu has in recent times given audience an ensemble of entertainment.  Serials' ranging from family dramas to youth, adding to this interesting blend - is the new socio mytho Maha Devi.

Maha Devi is a story about a girl named Maha Devi.  She hails from a middle-class family who lives in a village.  She is blessed with a magical conch by the goddess herself which the firl uses for protecting the villagers from the local goon. As they say, every coin has two faces; a few selfish people in the same village will be trying to get the conch.  The thrill and excitement builds up when serial takes a turn towards the incidents of how Durga is going to safeguard the conch from the evil. 

You might be wondering what is the mystery and significance of the conch.  The story has its historical origin.  Goddess Durga, as a token of love, had given a magical conch to Durga and had asked her to take care of it.  During the Britishers' regime one of the Indian kings named Martanda had eyed this conch and wanted to take it under his control.  In this process of pursuing of the conch by Martands, Durga loses her life safeguarding it.  Now Mahadevi is the one who is the custodian of the conch and the blessed one by Durga Devi to take care of it.  How she saves it from the evil is what the story is all about. 

Zee Telugu BusinessHead G. Anuradha says "good winning over the evil... is the essence of the story.  Interesting story line mixed with supernatural content makes Maha Devi a must watch."

See Telugu proudly brings you this thrilling, socio mytho serial on to your small screens from Monday to Friday 8:30 pm.  This serial is going to start from 26th November 2010, which is said to be the favourite day for Goddess Durga.

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Updated on November 27, 2010