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Navdeep's Most Expensive TV Show 'Super'



We are pleased to officially announce that Navdeep has agreed to host the most expensive television reality show ever produced in South India! 

It's called 'Super' and it's being produced by the prestigious Vyjayanthi Televentures for ETV Telugu. This is the first time ever a television show is being produced and shot outside of India, in Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya).

It is a stunt show hosted by Navdeep and the participants are 15 women (Heroines and TV Stars). Again it is the first time ever so many heroines have come together for a single show. The stunts consists of many death defying acts with dangerous elements like heights, wild animals and water. The trailers have been shot in an extremely interesting manner and will be on air soon. The director, camera crew, makeup and technical support are from Bombay, and we are aiming to raise the standards of South Indian TV to a whole new level. A crew of 60 people is scheduled to leave for Thailand this week for the 20 day shoot. All stunts have been choreographed by an international team located in Bangkok who have been in the business working for Hollywood, Thai and Chinese films since the past 20 years.

So get ready to say 'Super'!

Navdeep PR

Updated on August 12, 2011