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The Lotus Pond in USA


'Lotus Pond in USA.....'


“The Lotus Pond” - the story is about two 10-year-old kids studying in a boarding school, who make up their mind, out of inquisitiveness, to explore The Lotus pond at a height of 14000 ft in the Himalayas. Neeraj one of the protagonist comes to know about the mythical Lotus pond in the distant mountains in one of his class lectures. Along with his friend Ajay, he ventures to explore The Lotus pond and lands up in the unknown woods, where they are lost and they try to find the way out, to The Lotus pond by some contradictions and support from the villagers.In spite of major obstacles do they reach the Lotus pond? The whole story unfolds in a positive, encouraging and a cheerful note, amidst the pristine beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The film is shot in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Making of the film:

The film is shot in breathtaking locales of Himachal Pradesh. We had a firm belief that Himalayas are blessed with nature’s bounties which are unexplored by filmmakers. For the Pre-production it took more than 2 years - for scouting virgin locations and developing an engaging script. We used Arri 435 Camera with a state of art lenses and apt Kodak film stock, the film unit had more than 45 crew members including artists, technicians… apart from 70 support staff from Himachal who made makeshift Tents, carried Generators, Jimmy Jib’s, Outdoor Equipment… to a height of 14,000ft. We pitched our tents and stayed there for 4 days to complete the climax of the film. All the units worked with passion for making this film an international masterpiece.


The film stars Master Akash son of ace director Puri Jaganath who played a child hero for Ram Charan Tej 's Blockbuster "Chiruta " and Rohit Ranka who did a cameo in "Golconda High School".The film is directed by debutant PG Vinda and Creative Director A L Nitin Kumar,PG Vinda worked as the cinematographer for super hit films like "Ashta Chemma" and "Vinayakudu" to name a few.The film is produced under the creative direction of A L Nitin Kumar-Director & Producer of the longest ever travelogue VIHARI (MAA TV) in the history of Telugu television".


Updated on December 2, 2011