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Anti Video Piracy Cell News


Anti Video Piracy Cell news:- Last week Mr. Manoj Kumar, few B Tech graduates and software professionals were arrested in Hyderabad and Bengaluru in connection with Online Piracy. While some of them are doing it for wrongful gains and were monetizing pirated movies files by posting them and spreading them on torrent sites, several others particularly youngsters in their group were doing it without realizing the seriousness of their illegal actions or that they are leaving their footprints behind in the form of their ip addresses and that they could be tracked down and reported sooner than later.

As Movie Piracy becomes rampant online, the counter measures to track down those responsible are also being put in place rapidly.

The implications of being caught engaged in online piracy are not simple. Just because one downloads an illegal torrent does not mean one is innocent. In a peer to peer network since down loaders also automatically become up loaders (peers becoming seeds) they become party to the act and guilty of copyright infringement.

Cases of copyright infringement are being booked under Indian Copyright Act, Information Technology Act and even DMCA in the USA. Basing on the details provided by concerned departments and agencies, notices through the respective ISPs are being sent. Further more, the details are also being forwarded to INS and FBI about users spreading illegal content online.

Updated on July 9, 2012