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Apollo Hospitals’ two-day 3rd International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT opens on bright note


Apollo Hospitals’ two-day 3rd International Conference on

Transforming Healthcare with IT opens on bright note


As delegates highlight best practices and latest advances, collaboration and convergence underpin the global transformation that’s boosting patient care, convenience and safety



Hyderabad, 31st August, 2012: The Apollo Hospitals Group inaugurated the two-day ‘3rd International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT 2012’ today at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Participating in the Conference that concludes tomorrow, specialists from the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, Pakistan, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia and Iran shared personal experiences on how ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is ushering a global revolution in healthcare.


Meant to bring together all healthcare ecosystem stakeholders on a global platform to participate, propagate and promote the various technology-driven transformational approaches, solutions and their benefits to the grassroots, administrators, providers and research community, the Conference also highlighted various ways to achieve the goal of an equitable, sustainable and quality healthcare system.


Dr Prathap Reddy, Executive Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “It is very clear that the world is facing the 21st century health challenges, irrespective of whether they are the rich or the developing or the underdeveloped countries. With India, the real challenges are the new lifestyle diseases that are picking fast. Diseases like non communicable diseases, diabetes etc is rampantly on the rise and need to be tackled; these diseases need to be fought using the powerful tool of IT. Fortunately, for India, citizens of the country have mustered up the use of this tool, which can be seen in the growing incidence of technology users. What is however required, is the integration with healthcare players with patient focus. The need of the hour now, is to more the care from hospitals to clinics to the homes. This will only be possible with the effective use and implementation of technology using the synergies of the various stakeholders."


While Central and State Government senior secretaries deliberated the role of ICT and eHealth initiatives across India, exhibitors at the Conference highlighted the latest advances in the use of information technology in healthcare.


 “Technology plays a vital role in facilitating equitable healthcare distribution and helps in creating awareness about various health issues. Thanks to the convergence of Healthcare, IT and Telecom, transformational solutions are being created to provide better treatment for patients. Aware that collaboration of all healthcare ecosystem players is imperative to make this union a success, Apollo Hospitals has always been eager to address such challenges by creating a just, sustainable, quality healthcare system for all. With multidisciplinary learning sessions involving participants from all areas of the healthcare continuum, this Conference has helped bring together a wealth of knowledge from across the world and focused on best-practice solutions for present-day problems,” said Ms Sangita Reddy, Executive Director – Operations, Apollo Hospitals.


Mr. Lee Shapiro, President, All Scripts said, "To light the way to a healthy world, governments must remain open to the investigating new means of delivering the health services their citizens demand. They must continue to invest in innovation by supporting public-private-partnerships that have helped bring about many successful case studies in the area IT and healthcare. I am of the firm belief that technology has the ability to solve many of the problems we face in delivering quality healthcare for people everywhere."


The speakers discussed topics such as e-health initiatives, globalisation of healthcare and Next-Gen telemedicine. The Conference will be followed by the 2nd International Congress on Patient Safety to highlight how ICT can make a big difference in ensuring the safety of patients.


About Apollo Hospitals: In 1983, Dr Prathap C Reddy, the architect of Indian healthcare, launched the first corporate hospital in India, Apollo Hospitals Chennai. Over the years, Apollo Hospitals Group has grown to become one of Asia’s largest integrated healthcare organizations with over 8,500 beds across 50 hospitals, more than 1350 pharmacies and over 100 diagnostic clinics. The Group also offers medical business process outsourcing services, health insurance services and clinical research divisions with a focus on epidemiological studies, stem cell research and genetic research. To develop talent for the burgeoning need of superior healthcare delivery, Apollo Hospitals Group has 11 nursing and hospital management colleges. These achievements have earned Apollo Hospitals Group several accolades, including the Centre of Excellence from the Government of India and recognition from the Joint Commission International (seven of our hospitals are JCI accredited). In a rare honour, the Government of India issued a commemorative stamp in recognition of Apollo’s contribution, the first for a healthcare organization. Apollo Hospitals Chairman, Dr Prathap C Reddy, was conferred with the prestigious Padma Vibhushan, in 2010.  Apollo Hospitals Group, for over 28 years, has continuously excelled and maintained leadership in medical innovation, world-class clinical services and cutting-edge technology.  Our hospitals are consistently ranked amongst the best hospitals globally for advanced medical services and research.


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Updated on August 31, 2012