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Aditya Park Cake Mixing Ceremony


Hyderabad, 17th November, 2012: To usher in the festive season, an elaborate cake mixing ceremony was arranged at Aditya Park, where the environment was charged with pre-Christmas cheers and songs playing in the background. Spreading the spirit of the festivities, the event saw corporate guests; the hotel associates, senior management team and the in house guests actively participating in the cake mixing ceremony.

The hotel staff led everyone to the mixing table as it is a tradition at the hotel to welcome the festival season with a fruit soaking ceremony ahead of Christmas. A large table was set with candied ginger strips lining the bottom, and huge trays filled with fruit which include raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, tutti-frutti, black currants, dates, dried apricots & figs along with the spices like cardamom, cinnamon will be used for cake mixing. And of course the all important ‘spirit of the season’ in bottles – wine, rum and whiskey etc was flown in abundance to soak the fruit in.

Each guest was given gloves, aprons and chefs Caps. Everyone began work with handfuls of fruit ceremoniously dumped into the table where the fruit was mixed. Once all the fruit was in, and well mixed, the bottle were emptied in one by one.

The place wore a vibrant ambiance, buzzing with laughter and excitement. Setting a jovial mood of a perfect evening the guests enjoyed the generously flowing exquisite wine and indulged in interesting delicacies lined up by Executive Chef and his team.

The guests were entertained by DJ followed by a cocktail dinner where drinks and a lavish Multi cuisine buffet were served. It was warm and inviting, an atmosphere so relaxed, an ambiance that was perfect to soak in.

Updated on November 18, 2012