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Apollo Hosts Two Day Criticare Apollo 2013



·         Ms Sangita Reddy desires sharing of protocols by hospitals in the city to improve outcomes
Hyderabad, January 19th, 2013: The 4th edition of the two day ‘CRITICARE APOLLO 2013’ hosted by the department of Critical care, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, was formally inaugurated by Ms. Sangita Reddy, Executive Director, Apollo Hospitals Group on Saturday at Hotel Marigold. Present on the occasion were Dr. Rajib Paul, senior intensivist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, Hony. Secretary, ISCCM & Organizing Chairman, Critical Care Apollo 2013 and eminent specialists like Dr. Anand Khakkar from Chennai; Dr. Shirish Prayag from Pune and Neurosurgeon Dr. Alok Ranjan. The conference was attended by over 150 critical care specialists from all over the city and neighbourhood.
Speaking on the occasion Ms. Sangita Reddy said Apollo’s philosophy from day one has been to bring in high end care within the reach of common man. In pursuit of this goal we constantly endeavour to identify the gaps in the care we provide and bridge the gap with the latest technology available. High Intensive care is a high priority area in this mission of ours. Critical care is the most difficult disciplines in medical stream, the specialists need to constantly monitor multitude of parameters, but at the end of the day it is the most gratifying job seeing a patient who came to them in the most critical condition, leaving after recovery. The most critical aspects in providing quality ICU care is having hi-end ‘infrastructure’, qualified & experienced ‘manpower’ and the collective wisdom in the form of ‘protocols’ to provide the right care. She said, Apollo has in place a system to constantly monitor various parameters in the efficient functioning of the systems in the hospital called ACE (Apollo Clinical Excellence). As part of ACE, 25 different parameters are monitored, which provides us an opportunity to focus on what we need to reassess and improve and that all systems are in tune. Ms Reddy desired sharing of protocols by hospitals in the city to improve outcomes.    
According to Dr. Rajib Paul "Critical Care Medicine" deals with the sickest of patients in the hospital setting and is synonymous with ICU care. It is a relatively new but an increasingly important medical specialty. Critical Care Medicine forms the backbone of medical and surgical treatment in the hospital, as almost every 3rd hospitalised patient requires specialized, ICU care at some point of their stay in the hospital, he adds. The challenges Critical care specialists face include lack of adequate, trained Critical Care specialists, lack of supportive infrastructure in most hospitals, non-availability of good ICUs in smaller centers, says Dr Paul.
Renowned specialists from all over the country along with senior Apollo critical care specialists will deliver lectures on various topics covering ICU care. Topics grabbing National headlines owing to the devastating nature of their complications, like severe Dengue fever, complicated pneumonias kidney failure and dialysis will be dealt with so that upcoming ICU doctors are better equipped in saving patients' lives from such dreaded diseases.
Senior liver transplant surgeon from Chennai Dr Anand Khakkar will highlight the scenario of organ transplantation, its logistics ethics and related issues. Senior critical care specialists Dr Shirish Prayag from Pune will discuss about severe infections in the ICU (sepsis) and their management. Renowned Neuro surgeon Dr Alok Ranjan will speak about management of head injuries from roadside accidents. Dr Lobo, a senior kidney specialist will talk about a very new technique of blood purification using ultra-modern filters, in patients fighting with life threatening infections, who do not respond to all other life-saving measures.


Updated on January 20, 2013