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AMAT- Overseas Release Press Note-Aug 21, 2013: Austin, TX


Fables Cinema, in association with Bhargavi Enterprises USA, proudly announces the release of “Anthaka Mundu Aa Taruvatha” (AMAT) in USA on August 22 (Premiere Shows).

The combination of “Ala Modaliandi” Producer K.L. Damodar Prasad of Sri Ranjith Movies and “Ashta Chamma” Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti has generated overwhelming business response in the USA. We initially planned to release in 12 centers only but now, the business is closed in 25 centers well ahead of its release date. This is the first time ever for a small budget movie in overseas.

Anathaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha is a youthful romantic drama that powerfully captures the contemporary dilemmas, anxieties, and confusions about choosing the right life-partner. Loaded with refreshing romance, brilliant music, ticklish humor and intense emotion, this film is an absolutely novel film-going experience that respects the audience's intelligence by entertaining them thoroughly while provoking them to think deeply about love and life.

The Film has Sumanth Ashwin, Eesha, Ravi Babu, Rao Ramesh, Rohini and Madhubala (Roja fame) as main cast while Srinivas Avasarala of Ashta Chamma and Tagubothu Ramesh of Ala Modalaindi play supporting roles.

We, Dinesh & Mohan on behalf of Fables Cinema and Bhargavi Enterprises, are very thankful to all our Distributors, Exhibitors, Well wishers and Friends who supported us in this journey which has been great. Once again our special thanks to Mr.K.L. Damodar Prasad, Mr. Vivek Kuchibhotla and Mr. Jagan Mohan for the opportunity to take this enthralling Romantic Drama Overseas.

Please call us and acquire rights for open areas ASAP and be a part of Fables Cinema proud partner for all its future movies.  List of Centers and Timings are given below.

For OPEN centers: Dinesh – 512-221-5949 / Mohan – 956-240-3156 [email protected]







For OPEN Centers:  USA & Canada

Dinesh – 512 221 5949

Mohan Condoor Rao – 956 240 3156

Email: [email protected]


Rest of the World

Jagan Mohan-  +91 9849046620

Vivek Kuchibhotla-  + 91 9849514142

Email: [email protected]









Updated on August 22, 2013