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RP Patnaik's Hollywood film Amy on October 1st


RP Patnaik Amy 

RP Patnaik, who proved his mettle in Telugu as music director, actor and director has now entered Hollywood.  He directed a film titled 'Amy' - A Supernatural Thriller on Amish backdrop.  Prasad Kunisetty and Ramesh Noothi are producing it on TP Entertainment banner. The film will be released on October 1st through VOD (Video on Demand), which means online and not theaters.  The DVD of the film will also be released on the same day.  

On this occassion RP Patnaik said, "The entire team except me and producers belongs to Hollywood. The story is based on Amish community.  People belonging to this community will not do anything that makes them develop the human-bonding on earth. They will not use current or vehicles invented by humanbeings and use things related to nature only. So what happens to a girl named Amy who belongs to this community is the film about.  The film is about an evil soul and kind soul.  It's a supernatural thriller and a complete Hollywood film and not an Indian English film.  We are the first Telugu persons who did a complete Hollywood film.  

Producer Prasad Kunisetty said, "We belong to software field.  But we produced this film only with passion on films.  RP Patnaik is a good technician.  He directed this film setting the standards of very high technical values. That's reason why we produced this film.  It took two years to do this project.  Several people are asking us to release it in Telugu too.  We will think about it later. We are very happy to announce that a Hollywood producer has come forward as he liked the film a lot."

Cast: Christopher Atkins, Jessica Digiovanni, Kurt Peterson and Jane Doherty. 

Cinematography: Andrew Sadtler; Screenplay: Febah Dawson; Producers: Prasad Kunisetty and Ramesh Nuti; Direction: R P Patnaik. 

       RP Patnaik Hollywood film Amy

Updated on September 21, 2013