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Atla Taddi in Zee Telugu


The traditional women festival 'Atla Taddi' coming this Saturday at 6pm only on Zee Telugu
Hyderabad, October 15, 2013: Keeping up our culture and traditions we at Zee Telugu, celebrate all important festivals across the year. `Atla Taddi' is an important and traditional festival, particularly to women and is being widely celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm.

'Atla Taddi' is mainly celebrated by women both married and unmarried alike. Married women pray for the health and long life of their husbands and unmarried women to be blessed with good and caring husband for a great married life.

Telugu women mark 'Atla Taddi' by keeping a day long fast without food or water. In the evening, women perform Pooja and after looking at the moon, they break the fast by having Atlu (Dosas). Throughout the day they play several games and are supposed to sit in jhoola to swing.

Considering the wide popularity of this festival, Zee Telugu has come up with festival special Event 'Atla Taddi' with lead Artistes performing from three top primetime soaps - Varudhini Parinayam, Muddu Bidda, Mangammagari Manavaralu and Brundavanam.

This program is scheduled to telecast on this Saturday, Oct 19th @ 6:00 pm only on Zee Telugu. About Zee Telugu  Sarikotha Velugu... Zee Telugu!

As the caption suggests 'Sarikotta Velugu', a Telugu phrase that conveys the meaning New Light'. Zee Telugu has always stood by it. Zee Telugu, the channel created with a vision to provide wholesome entertainment to the entire family, has become a very popular channel amongst all age groups today. The programs range from devotional, music, dance, comedy, to blockbuster movies and reality shows.
Zee Telugu is the first southern regional channel from Zee bouquet. In just few years of its inception it soared high on popularity charts by breaking the barriers of a stereo typical Fiction Television. It gave a new path with its creative ideas, constant innovation and a feel for popular taste thereby bringing radical changes in viewership patterns. Being a strong contender for No.2 in Telugu GEC, Zee is striving to consolidate its position. There are over 15 million patrons to Zee Telugu across the globe.

Updated on October 16, 2013