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Largest Sai Temple of North America in MA


As the soil derives its importance from the flower in bloom, as the socket derives its importance from the diamond studded in it and as the cloth derives its importance from golden thread woven in it, as Shirdi derives its importance because of Sai Maharaj and so does GROTON, Massachusetts derives its importance because of the NESSP Sai Baba Mission Center and Sai Temple. With Sadguru blessings, NESSP is building the largest SAI temple of North America.

This mission for Sai is simple but not easy. The Lord hungers for devotion, which he finds but rarely. He sells himself to the devotee who attempts for his grace with pure devotion. All devotees are dear to Lord Hari. The devotee doesn't need an Interface to Baba. Baba and devotee are connected and the environment is facilitated by NESSP. Sadguru Sai hungers for true devotion and once you visit the NESSP Temple, MA, you can see that for yourself.

With the Grace of Shri Sai and the support of devotees has made the impossible possible. The establishment of the Mission Center and Sai temple is a reality now. The construction is in full swing and is progressing as planned.

NESSP is pleased to share that it has been receiving funds across North America Although the mission center is based in Massachusetts, the overwhelming support is there from states like North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, California, Atlanta in addition to being supported by devotees from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

In addition to being the home of Shri Sai, the new sansthan will also house the Deities of Shri Ganesh, Balaji, Shiva, Durga Mata, Ram Parivaar, Radha Krishna, Nava graham. Avail this wonderful idol sponsorship opportunity and contribute towards this gigantic project.

There is a single philosophy behind this and that the mission center is for the community by the community with the selfless service from all.

NESSP has many ways to support this divine project and for options please visit at the new page

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The Largest Sai Temple of North America is at Groton, MA.
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Updated on August 18, 2016