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‘JLSR Wellness’ unveils first of its kind, Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator,


Hyderabad, September 28th, 2020: JLSR Wellness – an innovation and technology driven enterprise in quest of futuristic personal health and well-being solutions, announced the unveiling of a first of its kind AI & ML and IoT configured, pure and fresh oxygen generator, Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator, at a Press Conference, here today. The state-of-the- art technology developed by NASA for its critical space missions, was further finetuned after intense research at the company’s R&D Labs in India, to suit commercial and residential needs with a sleek and user-friendly design & interface. This Made in India product from an enterprise helmed by enthusiastic women has approvals from internationally acclaimed certifications including RoHS of European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC, MCERTS of England, CE Approved and Indian ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator, the first device in the Indian Market to analyse & monitor Oxygen levels to generate Pure & Fresh Oxygen, is available in three models to address the varying needs. It’s a Wi-Fi enabled completely automated all-in-one Smart sensible oxygen generator coupled with Oxygen sensing Air Quality Monitor. It is embedded with SMART Features including built-in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Modules & and can be controlled & monitored by both iOS & Android Mobile Apps. The product is integrated with High-Quality & High-technology Sensors from Europe, which enable delivery of continuous and consistent high-quality Fresh and Pure Oxygen, indoors. The highly energy efficient Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator, comprises of an outdoor unit, which is smaller than an AC compressor and an indoor unit with world-class sensors monitoring the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Urban India is reeling under intense air pollution and is increasingly becoming a health hazard, India’s capital Delhi is the most polluted city in the world and twenty-one of world’s thirty worst air polluted cities are in this country, other countries too are not lagging behind. These silent killers portend a bigger global crisis than COVID and could adversely impact the health of the population and the world economy in the days to come, says Ms. Vanita Patel, Managing Director, JLSR Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

The increasing pollution both outdoor and indoor due to the circulation of the impure air in closed environs is a cause for serious concern due to debilitating health effects. According to studies air pollution causes about seven million premature deaths every year, be it from stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and acute respiratory infections. WHO statistics indicate, Worldwide air pollution is estimated to cause about 16% of the lung cancer deaths, 25% of COPD deaths, about 17% of ischemic heart diseases and strokes and about 26% of respiratory infection deaths. Since the air inside our homes and offices often get trapped because of inadequate ventilation, Actually, the air quality in your home can be worse than the air quality outside According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, USA), the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels.

Increasingly we are leading most part of our lives in claustrophobic environs be it office or home with depleting indoor oxygen, this itself is inflicting intense and irreparable harm to our lungs and overall health, leading to several lifestyle ailments. Breathing oxygen in its purest form becomes imperative to keep diseases at bay and stay healthy, says Mr. Anand Krishnan, COO, JLSR Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Adequate oxygen availability in the air has several positive health spin-offs including reduced stress, increased body metabolism, increases Brain Activity, improved immunity, increased alertness, improved BP & Heart rate and improved performance and energy levels.

Urb.Ox Smart Oxygen Generator will be accessible to customers within the Country through all the leading e-commerce websites. Since the product is unique and no similar devices being available, the Company has plans to establish a global footprint in due course. The market potential for Urb.Ox Smart Oxygen Generator is enormous as it has utility in all kinds of indoors be it Clinics, Hospitals and Nursing homes, Operation theatres, besides Education Institutes, Shopping Malls, Corporate offices, Hotels, Homes, Airports, Banks, Metro and railway stations, Government offices, Factories and more. The Company is already in talks with potential collaborators from countries like UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia and is all set to foray into Sri Lankan Market in the next month.

The R&D team at JLSR Wellness along with Global Partners are constantly working towards improvising Smart Oxygen Generator technology based on the evolving market needs, besides endeavoring to build other state-of-the-art products through innovation in the healthcare & wellness space. The Company will explore for more futuristic solutions in sync with the needs and emerging trends using cognitive technologies like AI, Machine Learning and IoT. It already has several products and solutions in the pipeline at various stages of research and will unveil them in a phased manner.

The Press Conference was addressed by Ms Vanitha Patel, Managing Director; Ms Nikita Patel, Director; Ms Sandhya Anand, Director; Ms Meenakshi Sumbad, Director; Mr Yogesh Patel, CFO; Mr Japesh Patel, CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer); Mr Anand Krishnan, COO and Mr Ajay Karira, CTO, JLSR Wellness Pvt. Ltd.




Updated on September 28, 2020