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'Other Kohinoors, The Rocks of Hyderabad' Request for FUNDING


We thank GZ from the rock bottom of our hearts for being the first to come onboard with support for this film, the messages it conveys, and, the dialogue it will raise.

The film has also raised funds from other individuals and organizations in Hyderabad. Mr. Narendra Paruchuri of Pragati Printers loved the ideas in the film and the trailer (that you could see on the website) and gave a generous contribution and promised to do all printing of banners booklets etc. free of charge for us. Mr. Ahmed Rashid Sherwani of the Bharat Sewa Trust immediately contributed generously too. Mr. Pranava Singhal made a very generous contribution. The Society to Save Rocks is onboard as fiscal sponsor and all contributions are via the Society.

In addition to what you see on the website, we have written a rap song about all the different neighbourhoods and the nomenclature tied to the rocks: Pathargatti, Borabanda, Phisalbanda etc. We are hoping the rap will be fun and help reach out to younger communities. We thought of including animations in the film for the same reason, and, to showcase the wonderful folk lore in our city that is tied to the rocks. We found talented artists who have done this work as a contribution for the rocks and the film, free of charge. The artist B V Suresh, UOH faculty (who had a very well received installation at Kochi couple years ago) has done a lovely animation for the Amir Ali folk tale using the Tholabommalata / Shadow Puppetry style, a young artist at HUL is doing the Renukamma-Yellamma story in Cheriyal style, The Kagazi Burj story animation has been done using Dakhani miniatures - we had to source rights for using these miniatures (as they are in museums all over the world - only one in our own National Museum!) But they all gave rights free, thankfully, and, it is quite heartening because a lot of hard but good work has happened.

We do need funds however to complete the film, pay for original music and for the Other Kohinoors Project, that we have planned to take the film and dialogue to every space we can in the city - from the Bengali Samiti, Kannada Sangha, Marathi Mandal type community spaces, to other spaces and fora in Secunderabad, Cyberabad, Old City spaces, Museums like the Salar Jung and other government museums, government and private schools and colleges etc. You could see more details at the project page on the website. Your suggestions for more spaces will be invaluable to us in doing this work.

We have just begun the crowdfunding to raise these necessary funds. We approach you to help us complete the last stretch of this undertaking, by making a donation of any amount starting at simply Rs 500/- The sky is the limit of course... Please be assured that whatever amount you give will be invaluable in this work.

You can claim tax benefit for your contribution and can receive 80G certificate for the amount you give. All contributions are via our fiscal sponsor, The Society to Save Rocks. To make a contribution please Click Here.

Updated on October 20, 2020