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People must not entertain netas visiting them without proper masks and not following physical distance


Hyderabad, November 22, 2020: Corona has not gone. There is a surge of new cases. The whole world is talking about 'Second Wave". Media reports indicate that Delhi has witnessed a sharp surge in patients requiring hospitalization and critical care. The second wave is proving so far to be more dangerous. I learnt from the reports from Delhi that 30% of the new cases are going straight to ICUs(Intensive Care Units). We don't know if that surge is part of the ‘second wave’. Whatever it maybe we need to be caution and more alert than ever before. Protect yourself and your near and dear said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT, Government of Telangana while addressing a gathering of 250 runners gathered for a 5kms walk, jog and run organised by Hetch Foundation on Sunday morning on ISB Road, Gachibowli Financial District.

The top bureaucrat was the Chief Guest at the event organized by Hetch Foundation. He flagged it off on Sunday morning. The objective of it was to create awareness about Corona, the importance of wearing a face mask and maintaining a safe physical distance.

Talking to the gathering Jayesh Ranjan said the event was the need of the hour as people have remained indoors for so long time. And this was an event to extend solidarity to those who are distressed staying indoors. It shows that you care for them. A run emphasizing on the importance of Mask and Physical Distance is very important he said.

Further, I am happy to note that through this event, the organizers, Hetch Foundation are supporting Grace Children Home financially, Jayesh said. He presented Carona Personal Care products and toiletries to the few girls from the Grace Children Home.

The 5kms Walk, Jog and Run was organised by Hetch Foundation in partnership with Care Hospitals Gachibowli, Fitness Gurukul and GSR Constructions

Dipali Mehta, CEO of Hetch Foundation and Syed Fazal Ali from GSR Constructions, several fitness freaks, trainers, staff of Care Gachibowli, Fitness Gurukul, IT Professionals, Financial Professionals from many financial institutions in Gachibowli have participated in the event.

The government restrictions followed by the outbreak of the virus forced everyone to remain indoors and confined them to their respective living places for almost 8 to 9 months. This has lead to frustration, obesity and mental instability. The first thing we wanted to do soon after the government allowed was this, because, physical fitness leads to mental fitness, informed Dipal Mehta. We had a lukewarm response initially. Not many were interested to participate. They were afraid of the safety. When we gave them the confidence of the safety aspect, people started confirming their participation. We have got very encouraging response, she added.

Dr. Rajetha Danisetty, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Oliva Chain of Clinics, she herself a runner said it was nice to be amongst the community of runners. This gives hope. Physical fitness goes a long way in checking depression away.

When asked about Second Wave, she said where is the question of "Second Wave"? when the "first wave' itself is never ended. Corona never stopped spreading. And it is continuing. Mere wearing a mask is not sufficient. You must wear it properly. Second thing never touch the front portion of the mask. 90% of the people who are wearing mask do not follow these two rules she said. Now that elections are around the corner, we find many politicians going around without wearing masking and maintain physical distance. Voters must not entertain nethas who don't follow these covid protocols she said.

Gayatri Mehta was happy to get out of home finally and to be able to meet friends and spend some time outdoors. Staying indoors for so long was suffocating she added. She has also invited some friends to join in the event.

Dr Pradeep, CEO of an IT Company participating along with his wife Puja said, people are more conscious about their fitness because of the COVID. This was his first attempt to participate in any event after the COVID.

Mrs Radhika, a retired school teacher said it was very encouraging. I have come first time out without fear to participate she added. Sporting saree she participated in Warmup, Jumba. I might have retired but not tired. I want to keep fit, she told.

To fight covid one needs to be physically fit. This is my first event after covid shared Mukarram Khan, who owns IT Company called Midrarr Information Technologies.

Santoshi, an IT Consultant being a fitness enthusiast always wanted to come out for workouts. But, she never got an opportunity. I am excited she said.

Hetch Foundation organizes blood donation camps. It donated medical equipment to hospitals, covid kits to warriors through Govt and Police. It focuses on women and children welfare.

Updated on November 22, 2020