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Indian Constitution stood the test of time: Justice Amarnath Goud


Hyderabad, November 26, 2020: Telangana High Court Judge, Justice T Amarnath Goud asserted that it is a matter of satisfaction that the Constitution of India has stood the test of time. The constitution of a country is its fundamental government document. He also said that the Indian constitution is not a static, but a dynamic and living process.

Speaking as chief guest in the webinar conducted by Social Cause, a Hyderabad-based think-tank on “Celebrating Constitutionalism- The Indian Experience”, to mark the Constitution Day, he said Constitution Day is an occasion to revisit our constitution and renew our commitment to abide by it in letter and spirit.

The constitutional traditions which are established over a period of time and the interpretations of various provisions of the constitution by High Courts and Supreme Court form part of the constitutional law, he added.

He also said that Constitution Day is an occasion to reflect where we stand with regard to fulfilling this resolve of securing for all citizens justice, liberty, equality and promoting fraternity.

The Judge asserted that the constitutional ideals must not be confined to books, but they must be lived in everyday social and political life. He asked everyone to always remember the warning of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said, “However good a Constitution may be, if those who are implementing it are not good, it will prove to be bad”.

Just as the State must remember directive principles of state policy laid down under the constitution, he said that citizens must also remember that they have not just fundamental rights, but also fundamental duties. Ordinary citizens must always be conscious of their fundamental duties under the constitution and be dutiful in discharging them to the best of their abilities, he added.

Following the best constitutional practices, nurturing constitutional morality and culture, Justice Amarnath Goud is sure,will aid ushering in an egalitarian and progressive society. “We must celebrate constitutionalism and on this Constitution Day, rededicate ourselves to upholding the Constitution of India and its ideals in letter and spirit”, he added.

Presiding over the webinar, Prof G B Reddy of Osmania University, said that the Constitution is the supreme law of the country and it advocates limited government and accountability of the administration. To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions is the very fundamental duty of all, he added. He cautioned that a simple majority cannot change everything in the Constitution.

Senior advocate of the High Court L Ravichander deplored that violence is the antithesis of the constitutionalism and the constitution. He asserted that liberty to all should be non-negotiable and the right to strike is a part of the fundamental spirit of the constitution. Stating that a civilized society should be governed by a rule of law, he said that the Constitution is an extension of our beliefs in constitutionalism.

Assistant Solicitor General of India N Harinath deplored induction of words socialism and secularism in the preamble of the Constitution in 1976 giving scope for promoting misinterpretations and anti-national activities. He wondered why till now nobody questioned this abrupt induction into the Constitution?

Social Cause President Dr B Dinesh Kumar, several advocates and other professionals participated in the webinar.

Updated on November 26, 2020