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Star Maa announces new fiction based on the Epic Saga of Rani Rudramadevi


Star Maa is all set to launch the Epic Saga story of Rani Rudrama Devi. The motion poster for the show has been on air and tonight veteran star Bigg Boss Season 4 host Nagarjuna announced the launch promo just before the climax of the Bigg Boss season 4 Telugu finale. The story of this queen is unparalleled in history. Born into the royal family as a princess she had to live and train as a prince to protect the succession to the throne from falling into wrong hands. She defied all known rules of society towards female rulers turned out to become an accomplished warrior and monarch. She also learned the knowledge of public governance and conduct from her father, Ganapatideva who was known for his great sense of politics. It is a timeless story of 13th Century that has immense relevance even today when we see gender discrimination all around us. True to its ambition of bringing stories of the soil that inspire and entertain, Star Maa has announced the launch of this magnum opus.

Updated on December 21, 2020