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Gau Mahadharna urges government to ban cow slaughter, declare cow as a national animal respecting Hindus’ sentiments!


Hyderabad, December 21st, 2020 : Yuga Thulasi Foundation hosted a “Gau Mahadharna” demanding a nationwide ban on cow slaughter, today at Dharna Chowk, Indira Park. Over 500 ardent lovers of cows from within the city and different parts of the state participated in the Dharna. The congregation observed two minutes silence as a way of paying homage to the cows slaughtered till now and demanded in unison the ceasing of cow slaughter immediately. They pleaded for the government to declare cow as the national animal to respect the beliefs & sentiments of millions of Hindus. BJP MLA Raja Singh and MLC Ramchander Rao participated and addressed the gathering. Also present on the occasion were Sri Kollisetti Shiva Kumar, Chairman, Yuga Thulasi Foundation & TTD Board Member; Sri Uppalapati Srinivas @ Chandraswamy and Sri Balakrishna Ayyappa Guru Swamy, amongst others.

Raja Singh said, Our Telangana state Chief Minister KCR calls himself a devout Hindu, he should check with the swamiji’s on what the significance of cows for Hindus is, be it his farmhouse or our home or factory, cow is the first being which is made to enter the new dwelling. If cows are wiped out from the Telangana state, where will we get the cow for such auspicious occasions. Cows can be saved only if we all take it as a mission to protect them and demand for it being declared as a national animal or else our future generations will have to visit zoo to have a darshan of cow. Every Hindu should wake up and protect cows, if we shy away, we Hindus will face serious repercussions. Every Hindu should become a fighter for Hindu rights, that’s when we can protect our self-respect, culture and country. Only if the Hindus unite will the state government hear their voice, every Hindu has to come on to the streets for the cause of the cow. He urged Sri Kollisetti Shiva Kumarji to take forward this mission of protecting cow and assured the support of Hindus.

Ramchander Rao, speaking on the occasion said, if we can’t protect cow in our country, in the days to come we may not be in a position to protect our culture and heritage. Cow is a national animal, and its slaughter is banned across the country, even our constitution recognizes the need to protect cows, states which are not implementing this should strictly enforce. Research being done off late indicate the therapeutic value of Indian cow milk, ghee, urine, even advanced countries are discovering its utility especially in treatment of chronic diseases like cancer. Cow provides livelihood to millions of people in the country, their living will be impacted with cow slaughter. During some festivals even young cows are being slaughtered, this is not acceptable, the society will not tolerate such acts of cruelty. Narendra Modi is a devotee of cow; he is for protection of cows.

Sri Kollisetti Shiva Kumar speaking on the occasion said, cow is an integral part of the lives of Hindus, no auspicious occasion is complete without cow’s presence. The same Hindus who revere cow are silent when they are being slaughtered indiscriminately, this silence is dangerous for the very survival of Hindu culture. Our rulers are ignoring cow slaughter to protect their vote banks, to satiate a section of their voters. Cow protection is in a despicable state, cows are being slaughtered in every state of the country and tonnes of cow meat is being exported abroad. In our very own old city at Bahdurpura, cows are being slaughtered in broad day light and cow meat is being sold openly. Never did we face a situation where we had to come on to roads and participate in a dharna to protect cows, today’s protest is a reflection of the desperation Hindus and cow lovers are facing.

Shiva Kumar added, It is time to take on cow protection as a mission, every Hindu owes a responsibility to ensure this state becomes a safe home for cows. Silence will not help anymore, by the time we wake up it might be too late. Swamijis, Matadhipathis, pitadhipathis should come out and take part in dharnas and protests, they should visit slaughterhouses and get them to stop cow slaughter, if the religious heads lead from the front, not a single cow will be slaughtered. The politicians visiting religious gurus for blessings should be advised to protect cows. The Goshalas across the state are in shambles due to lack of financial resources, in several places’ cows are dying due to hunger, he appealed to public to contribute and support Goshalas in their neighborhood through liberal donations.

Updated on December 21, 2020