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How is “Lupt” Film’s lead actor, Karan Aanand planning to spend this Covid Christmas?!


The “Lupt” actor, Karan Aanand, has everybody enthusiastic about his versatile and experiential performing abilities. Karan discovered his ardor in performing early in life and began off as a child actor. He has been seen in blockbuster movies like Ranveer Singh’s “Gunday” where he played the role of Dutta, and later went on to be part of Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit “Kick” and Akshay Kumar‘s “Baby”.

With the festive season around the corner and the year-end coming closer, we are all forced to sit back and introspect all our actions and deeds of the past year. One of the biggest thing that we cannot miss was the world-wide Pandemic that shook the world from its roots, so when actor, Karan Aanand was asked about his plans for this Christmas, he said, “This year has had its own share of ups and downs, and as it comes to an end, we are still forced to abort all parties and sit down with our families for a much cozy Christmas. Personally, I love the fact that it gives us so much more freedom and opportunities to make new traditions and connect with our most loved ones on a much deeper level!

Moreover, I pray that Santa ties this curse of "COVID" to his sleigh on his way back to the North Pole!’
And we couldn’t agree more!

On the work front, Karan Aanand’s short film “Cigarette” and his meticulous preparation to fit the character in the same has created quite a buzz in the town. Moreover, we have seen a lot of martial arts videos on Karan Aanand’s Social Media platforms which makes us speculate about an upcoming role that he might be preparing for!

Updated on December 24, 2020