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Netflix today released the trailer of its first original Telugu film 'Pittakathailu'. The film is a compilation of these four stories and is directed by four Telugu film directors Nag Ashwin, BV Nandini Reddy, Tarun Bhaskar and Sankalp Reddy. Generally in Telugu, short stories are called 'Pittakathalu'. These four stories tell the story of four women with specific feelings. Isha Rebba, Lakshmi Manchu, Amala Paul and Shruthi Haasan star in the lead roles to bring these four characters to life. Also, Ashima Narwal, Jagapathibabu, Satyadev, Sanvee Meghna, Sanjit Hegde and others played key roles.

These four films are Ramula (Tarun Bhaskar), Meera (BV Nandini Reddy), Xlife (Nag Ashwin), and Pinky (Sankalp Reddy)
Love, desire, hypocrisy and power stay in the female perspective and tell them what they want.

Co-produced by Ronnie Screwala's RSVP Movies and Ashi Dua Sara's Flying Unicorn Entertainment, The Apocalypse will air exclusively on Netflix on February 19 in 190 countries.

Sanvee Meghna, who plays the title role of Ramu, said, “Power dynamics between men and women is the central theme of` quail stories'. The film is about the extraordinary journey of an ordinary girl named Ramula. I think everyone will definitely like it. It is an honor to make my debut with a platform like Netflix that is always consistent in delivering quality content. I have always been looking forward to working with Tarun Bhaskar. Now I am happy to be selected for the role of Ramu under his direction.

Meera's character Amalapal says - "Every story in the quail story explores the good and bad relationships between men and women, especially the expression of patriarchy as a woman's struggle to break its shackles." Mira is an adventurous woman. The story is even more gripping due to the short film format. Very happy to be working with Netflix. When I first read this story, it seemed very appealing. The right script for me. I have a strong attachment to the character of Meera, because she is a challenging character who is completely different from the film I have seen before.

"I'm happy to be a part of Netflix's first album - Quail Stories," said Shrutihassan, a divine character in Xlife. X-Life is a relatively still story to tell to the audience. Shooting is a good experience. My role with Sanjit Hegde was very interesting because he brought a whole new energy and talent to this project. I like the director Nag Ashwin Vision and the story he weaves. It is a great experience to play the role of a strong-speaking woman, as opposed to the preconceived notions of society. Although this story is set in the future world, it will also appear in today’s world in some form. I hope the audience can understand the seriousness of it. "

Pinky's Isha Rebba says, "I'm really excited to be a part of such an influential film as Quail Stories." My character Pinky looks so brave, she does what her mind likes. Not afraid to make own decisions. She is very intrigued to see the small differences that appear between those around her. I believe the audience will definitely connect with this story. This role seemed very challenging, "he said.

‌Art stories will be available on Netflix from 19 February 2021

Title: Ramulam
Cast: Manchu Lakshmi, Sanway Meghna, Naveen Kumar,
Written by, Directed by: Tarun Bhaskar.

Title‌: Mira
Cast: Jagapathibabu, Amala Paul, Ashwin Kakamanu,
Author: Radhika Anand,
Directed by: BV Nandini Reddy.

Title: X Life
Cast: Shruthi Hasan, Sanjit Hegde, Sangeet Shobhan, Anish Kuruvilla, UKO, Dayanand Reddy, Tanmayi ..
Written and directed by: Nag Ashwin,

Title‌: Pinky
Cast: Satyadev, Isha Rebba, Srinivas Avsarala, Ashima Narwal,
Author: Emini Nandakishore
Directed by: Sankalp Reddy.

Updated on February 5, 2021