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Kausalyam 2021 begins with the Sanmaan Awards


Hyderabad, February 11, 2021….. Kausalyam 2021, an exhibition of Designers and Weavers drawn from all over India begins with the Sanmaan Awards here in the city today at CCT Spaces, at Crafts Council of Telangana's own place at Banjara Hills.

It is being organized by Crafts Council of Telangana, a not for profit organizations, whose aim is to motivate artisans and provide them with the much-needed market exposure. It works for the development of Handicrafts and Handlooms in the state of Telangana. This year the emphasis is on helping the weaver’s designers and craftspeople as they have suffered greatly in the pandemic.

Founded in 1987, CCT is affiliated to the Crafts Council of India, which in turn is a member of the World Crafts Council.

The event was formally inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Vijayalakshumi Prabhakar, Member-in- charge along with other executive committee members of Crafts Council of Telangana.

Smt. Jagada Rajappa, an expert in the field of Vegetable Dyes in Handlooms and Handicrafts was supposed to be the Chief Guest and inaugurate, but she couldn’t make due to falling sick.

‘Kausalyam’ 2021 the exhibition will be held for three days from 10 am to 7 pm and will conclude on 13. The entry to the exhibition is free.

Sanmaan Awards were presented in eight categories to those individuals and organizations in recognition to their contribution in Handicrafts and Handlooms

Sri Chintakindi Mallesham, the inventor of ASU Machine was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented to Shri Gajam Govardhana on his behalf as he could not make it to the program.

Sri Jonnalagadda Niranjan, who innovated Kalamkari Paintings in contemporary designs, following the traditional process, was given away CraftPreneur Award. A 33x36 inch size ParamaPada Sopana Patam(Snake and Ladder with the mythological theme) was displayed at the event. Artisan from Srikalahasti, Niranjan, in these difficult times took up the designing and marketing of woodwork of Madhavaram. He is a fourth-generation artisan.

Smt. Kola Rajeswari, Smt. Kalingapatnam Usha both the skilled weavers were felicitated with Excellence in Handloom Award (State level). Both these skilled weavers were part of Gaurang Shah’s team. They recreated the timeless masterpieces of Raja Ravi Verma in Khadi.

Smt Mobina Bano from Kota, Rajasthan, who has been weaving from the age of 15 was presented Excellence in Handloom Award (National level). She has adapted to new designs to improve Kota weaves. She has also displayed her works.

Smt Ambika Devi Soni, who endeavoured to preserve and sustain the art of Madhubani Painting was bestowed with Excellence in Handicrafts Award (National level)

Smt Sapavat Kamala Yadagiri of Crafts Council of Telangana Banjara Needle workgroup was felicitated with Excellence in Handicrafts Award (State Level)

Ms Naveena Dosada was recognized with a Child Artisan Award for not only pursuing the family's traditional craft of silver filigree work but also helping her father Krishnachari in projecting their products on online platforms.

D. Sai Kiran of Traditional Cherial Scroll Painting and Masks was honoured with CCTs Injamuri Srinivasa Rao Consolation Award for Excellence in Craft. The Cheriyal Scroll Paintings is unique to the state of Telangana. A modified version of Nakashi art, it is considered highly rich in the local motifs. It is a 12th-century old art form.

More than 70 exhibitors showcased their handlooms and handicraft products. Some of the exhibitors include: Studio Vam, Kameez Jaipur, Tina Eapen, Saman Chikan Art, Ramkumar Halder, Pillai Design Studio, Village Art, SSaha, Marm, O Layla Garments, Weavers Studio, Chamanlal Premji Siju, Manas Ghorai, Dwaraka Plus, Naturally Anuradha, Vaya, Andaaz by Jyoti Dhawan, Niyaz Ali, Juanita, Shrujan Creations, Bodhi, Asal, Sidr Craft, Bhavani's, Little Gaurang, Shunya Batik, Shivani Bhargava, Basheer Silk Factory, Purvi Doshi, Murali Saree Emporium, Sumeru Handlooms, Weaver Story, Gamthiwala Fab, Blue Lotus, Hastkaar by Bhartesh Vaibhav, OS Handicrafts Goa, The Silk Route, Ta'assur, Dezires, Mulberry Blue, Tarini, Chitih Sparkling Gems, Revival, Sourav Das, Anavila, Amrapali Jaipur

Designers like Bodhi, Weavers Studio, Naturally, Manas Ghorai, Pradeep Pillai Bhanavi’s, Vaya, Village Art, MARM, Label Saurav Das and Blue Lotus to name a few participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition features bandhani from Sidr Craft, chikankari from Saman Chikan Art, kalamkari from Dwaraka Plus, Ajrak from Gamthiwala, batik from Shunya Batik, kutch embroidered blouses, sarees & dupattas from Shrujan. Apart from these, we have Orissa sarees from Tarini. These are only the tip of the ice-berg.

Ramkumar Halder exhibits Matka, phulia and khadi jamdani sarees, Chaman Premji siju, his unique bujodi sarees & stoles. Niyaz Ali has a wonderful collection of zari kota doria sarees. To add to this collection is weavers’ story with a range of benarasi, tanchoi sarees. Sumeru Handlooms will bring a range of mangalagiri sarees. Hastakaar has a wide variety of woven sarees and Asal is getting a collection of yardage in vegetable dyes and organic food and cosmetics. Revival is showcasing Parsi garha Borders, dupattas & sarees.

You could also count on finding outfits in the fusion genre from brands like O Layla garments, Dezires, Shivani Bhargava,Purvi Doshi,Kameez, Juanita, The Silk Route and Mulberry Blue.

Designer Gaurang is showcasing his new children’s collection under the brand Little Gaurang.

Totum, a social enterprise which works to empower underprivileged women from the slums in Pune by teaching them to craft unique and sustainable handbags 100% recyclable plastic. Thereby providing them with a fair and steady source of income along with valuable skills that they can use for generations. It showcased the bags

CCT promotes Handlooms and Handicrafts providing marketing avenues like KAUSALYAM to craftsmen, empowering them with better opportunities and thereby improving their economic conditions.

The Council’s activities include interacting continuously with craft entrepreneurs and designers who are working with artisans from across India with the aim to provide them with design innovation and better market opportunities. CCT supports these craft entrepreneurs with the Sanmaan Craftpreneur Award.

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Updated on February 15, 2021