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Scale of Jersey's financial losses may be shockingly exaggerated


It is said that 'Jersey' (Hindi) was made on a budget of about Rs 75 Cr to even Rs 100 Cr. The Bollywood remake of Nani's Telugu film by the same name has turned out to be a box office disaster, with the first weekend logging not more than Rs 18 Cr (Nett) in India.

Clearly, the Shahid Kapoor-starrer had to bite the dust because of the 'KGF 2' fever. In a way, it's a shocker for its producers, three of whom are Tollywood producers: Dil Raju, Allu Aravind, and Suryadevera Naga Vamsi.

But the extent of financial losses may have been exaggerated by a section of the media. It may be tempting to say that the budget of the Hindi 'Jersey' is Rs 100 Cr but nobody knows the actual figures.

Kabir Singh's massive success made Shahid Kapoor demand Rs 31 Cr as remuneration, an India Today report said. (Side note: Bollywood heroes with even one modest success demand Rs 20 to Rs 25 Cr, as said by Karan Johar himself).

But the fact is that Shahid parted with the remuneration when 'Jersey' got postponed repeatedly due to the pandemic. The producers, it is believed, had to lose a lot of money in the form of interest on finances. But if they have indeed saved on the hero's remuneration, the budget may not have touched a whopping figure.