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Ragalahari's 'Premikudu' Episode 3: Girlfriend discovers her folly


Ragalahari's 'Premikudu' is going pretty strong, now that it is convincing the viewer about its meaty story and character arcs with each passing episode.

In the second episode, software professional Sathya (played by Satya Krishna) had a fallout with his girlfriend Sravya (played by Sivaprasanna GSP) after he came to know that the latter was money-minded.

In the latest episode, writer-director Satish G walks the extra mile to add more heft to the drama. Sravya's thinking evolves and wants to mend the relationship. What does Sathya now say? That's the nub of the 20-minute-long episode.

This time, the dialogues are even more meaningful and laden with the right beats. Raghava Rags' friend character becomes a bridge between the two broken souls.

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