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SRK's daughter Suhana faces racist attacks


Suhana Khan has debuted with 'The Archies', the Netflix Original. The daughter of Shah Rukh Khan has been trolled for her looks by several racist-minded Netizens, who are calling her names for merely not being fair-skinned. "How did SRK sell fairness cream to millions and then come back home to look at his wife and daughter in the eye is beyond me. Did he really need that money?" a Twitter user wrote, inviting schooling from other Netizens.

"According to SRK, all Indian men with dark and brown skin are not good-looking, and they need fairness cream for a fair skin tone to be successful in life. Meanwhile, his daughter is beautiful and if you call out SRK for this racist behaviour you're a racist," a Netizen, who was one of the earliest ones to make racist comments about Suhana, wrote. He defended himself.

The whole commentary has left many disheartened. "I don't understand what the audience actually wants from star kids. 'The Archies' being bad doesn't mean you have to shame and troll the actor for more than their acting. Like going on looks when she is gorgeous and happy in her own skin is so unnecessary," one Shanaya wrote.

'The Archies' has been panned by film critics and viewers alike.