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'Thilottama': Episode-2 is all about 'pelli choopulu' comedy!


The Telugu web series 'Thilottama' from What The Fun has recently started streaming its first episode, and now the second episode is available, advancing the storyline and enticing viewers with situational 'pelli choopulu' humor.

Thilottama plans a 'pelli choopulu' gathering for herself and Anand. To her astonishment, the event is graced by Arjun, her former boyfriend and Anand's current friend. Thilottama's father, assuming that Arjun is still romantically involved with his daughter, finds himself bewildered throughout the session. Thus, a hilarious series of misunderstandings and confusion unfolds.

Anand's father is taken aback by the revelation that a stunning girl is in love with his supposedly unattractive son. Meanwhile, the heroine's father is at a loss for how to handle the situation filled with cryptic one-liners and unspoken inquiries.

Satya Krishna, Deekshika Jadav, Shivanth, and others are sure to engage the viewer in the coming episodes. Writer-director Satish G ends the episode on a quirky note.

Co-starring D Veerabhadram, Sri Kumari, Rajahmundry Raju, Raghava, Pravallika, Mallikarjun, and Hemanth, the web series boasts of rare situations. Produced by Shilpa Maddineni, the series has got music by Gudappan. Suneel Jerripothu is its cinematographer. Edited by Surendar Pulluri, the series makes use of its realistic setting.

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