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I was charging peanuts till 'Kushi': Vijay Deverakonda


Vijay Deverakonda today said that he used to charge extremely less remuneration for doing movies till 'Kushi'. He implied that he was not aware of the workings in the industry and that's why he was too naive not to settle for anything less than his market price.

"It is only now that I am getting my market price as remuneration. It's a comfortable figure," VD said, refusing to quote how much he gets per movie.

The actor rumouredly didn't get much from 'Liger', whose producers ran out of money because its production got delayed. They allegedly requested him to postpone his fee. He did so believing that 'Liger' would do well at the box office. After the pan-Indian movie became a disaster, Vijay had to forgo the pending fee. But that's just a rumour. As per another version, he was paid a hefty sum and even the film's producers made profits from the movie. It's only the distributors who made losses.

'Family Star' is slated to hit the cinemas on April 5.