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Composer Gowra Hari goes above and beyond for pan-Indian film 'HanuMan'


'HanuMan' is the breakout film Gowra Hari deserves. The talented composer, who is extremely passionate about his craft, is learned to have gone out of his way to give his imaginative best with diligence for the pan-Indian superhero movie, scheduled to hit the cinemas this January 12 (with paid early shows on the evening of the 11th).

Gowra Hari, for those who are unaware, started his music career by doing Ads and TV serials. "From that stage to now, when he has composed the background score and a few songs for a massive film like 'HanuMan' is remarkable," a source who knows about the persistent efforts put in by Hari, says.

Hari dedicated himself to the Prasanth Varma directorial for two years. His touch is evident in the film's album - Hanuman Chalisa and the rousing Sri Rama Dootha Stotram. "The listeners have been commenting on YouTube and social media that these renditions are giving them goosebumps. Credit goes to Hari, whose music complements the film's spiritual flavour and larger-than-life visuals," a source adds.

Director Varma has lauded Gowra Hari's contribution to 'HanuMan' already. The composer's talent is already finding resonance within the Telugu film industry. Actor Teja Sajja, too, has praised Hari's commitment.

The film's BGM is expected to draw critical acclaim.