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Dr Ghazal Srinivas song "say no to Ragging" - launched by Minister Ganta


Ghazal Srinivas Sings On ‘Ragging’
Ragging has become an evil menace in our society and breaking many hearts. This has been conveyed aptly by Dr Ghazal Srinivas in his latest song. 

Sharing his thoughts about the song, Dr Ghazal said “I have been vocal about issues plaguing society. Today, ragging is a curse not just for the girls but also for the boys. First it was Riteswari and today it is Sainath. Both are victims of ragging who ended their lives. Ragging is a sadistic act. Just because his senior ragged him/her, they feel their juniors should also experience the same pain and resorting to it like a psycho. Condemning this is not sufficient. Seminars must be conducted in colleges and students must be explained on the punishment meted out on those who rag. Even the college management should be held responsible for this crime, only then ragging will be put to an end. When there is a police station for a village having 2000-3000 people, why not an exclusive police station for 5000 colleges. We are in talks with few authorities on this. Very soon, I would be launching an App. After downloading that app, whenever you see an act of ragging, just press a button and the entire force will be there at the spot in minutes. I have discussed about this app with minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao and he gave his immediate approval. Even tenth standard books must have lessons on ragging. Very soon I am going to visit every university and speak about ragging. Today, a song was unveiled by minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao which has been rendered by me and written by Sirasri. The song video was released by Chief of Digital Icon company Satish Kembur.”

Lyricist Sirasri stated “In my view, there is not much difference between ragging and rape. A physical torture is rape and an emotional torture is ragging. Students must know that there is no difference between a rapist and someone who rags. When Dr Ghazal Srinivas asked me to write a song on ragging, this is the first thought I got. Hence, I converted my thought into this song’s essence.”

Click this link for the song
Updated on September 3, 2015