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Ravi Kumar Panasa curates rare, international spirits at Hyderabad's ML Liquor Mart


ML Luxury Premium Liquor Mart in Hyderabad's Jubilee Hills is considered India's most luxurious liquor superstore in business circles. Known for being a space where brand-new luxurious global wine and spirits are available with ease, the landmark has been sought-after by liquor aficionados in the city for many years.

The mart is also unique in a key way. Rare and coveted luxury spirits have been lovingly and thoughtfully curated by Ravi Kumar Panasa at South India's largest liquor mart. And Ravi's curated spirits are known not only for their distinctive quality but also for being the most expensive.

The enterprising entrepreneur has sought liquors considered extremely remote from more than 190 countries. This only goes to show how deep his business acumen and how steadfast his passion are.

ML mart is the one place where Indian and international brands (from countries as different as the US, UK, Cuba, Mexico, and Russia) have been curated with a touch of elegance and style. "I love collecting and curating spirits. My outlet is more than a mere sales point," Ravi Kumar says, suggesting that he will do everything that needs to be done to satisfy the connoisseurs of international liquor.

No wonder ML mart is one of the most important landmarks in Hyderabad, entertained even by tourists.

Updated on September 7, 2022