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'Dirty Hari' is realistic, my character is grey: Shravan Reddy


Shravan Reddy headlines the cast of 'Dirty Hari', which will release on Friday Movies ATT on December 18. Written and directed by MS Raju, the film also features Ruhani Sharma and Simrat Kaur.

In his latest interview, the lead man talks about doing the film, what to expect from it, why it is unique and more.

Background and how 'Dirty Hari' came my way:

I studied at HPS in Hyderabad and started living in Mumbai later. I got associated with Mumbai-based production houses and studios and did a number of TV serials/web shows over the years. I have also been an assistant director, working behind the camera for four years.

Since 2014, I once again started acting. MS Raju garu spotted me in a show and roped me in for 'Dirty Hari'. He didn't know that I am a Telugu guy. When he narrated the story, he felt that I would suit the character of Hari.

An intricate film

I grew up watching and working on films. I approached this film in a conventional way. But once I started doing the film, I was surprised at the intricacies of 'Dirty Hari'. I didn't expect Raju garu to write such a classy story. I loved the script, especially the sentiments surrounding its female characters.

Everything is organic

There are no forced elements in the film. Everything is organic. I did have my apprehensions but once the product started to be made, I was convinced about the hold of the director on its characters. 'Dirty Hari' doesn't show its protagonist as a Rama or Ravana. He is a grey character. The director doesn't sanitize him and shows him unabashedly. Nowhere does the film go overboard.

Doing bedroom scenes

I assess myself after listening to a story and check whether I suit the character. The situations we observe in our life also come in handy. Doing bedroom scenes is not easy. The position of our body is usually uncomfortable on set due to technical reasons. We shot for the bedroom scenes only after 3/4th of the film was done. By then, we had gained a comfort level.

Love vs lust in 'Dirty Hari'

We wanted to show everything unapologetically. Many of us compromise on our principles in life. Love is nothing but sugar-coated lust. The world glosses over lust and calls it love. That's what a female character in the movie brings out. We wanted to be bold. That said, the film is not just about bold scenes. Animalistic and sexual instincts have been shown in the movie. The characters have other motives, too. The film denounces greed and calls out over-ambitious proclivities. The story revolves around three characters.

A unique narrative style

The narrative style of 'Dirty Hari' is atypical. It's quite non-Tollywoodesque. the pace is racy and the scenes are not expository. So, the audience have to watch it with rapt attention. There was no separate poster shoot for promotions. Everything is directly from the frames in the movie.

No inspiration

There is no 'Arjun Reddy' flavour in our movie. Just because there are bold scenes, it doesn't mean we got inspired by that film. The vibes are entirely different here.

Upcoming projects

The film was supposed to release on March 18. I had a film on hand at that time. I am doing a Hindi-language web series for a major streaming platform. 'Abhi Nahi Tho Kabhi Nahi' is its working title. I want to turn into a writer someday. I have got two scripts. I am into writing. During the pandemic, I developed a tight script.

Updated on December 14, 2020