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You will find novelty in 'Shukra': Director Suku Purvaj


'Shukra' is a film revolving around mind games. Starring Aravind Krishna, Srijitha Ghosh and others, the film will release on April 23. In this interview, director Suku Purvaj talks about the film and why it is unique.

I have done MBA. Since I was a child, I used to be interested in artistic and creative areas. When I directed 'Rangasthalam', a stage play while at Andhra University, I received an award. I used to participate in dramas and plays. Suresh Kumar is my actual name. I have adopted Suku Purvaj because it sounds great. Purvaj is the name of a rishi.

'Shukra' is a subject-driven title. The film revolves around an operation by name Operation Shukra. Mind game is its genre. It has the backdrop of a mafia that is terrifying several cities. A couple migrates to an area where the mafia is dominant.

I have worked on ten pilot and independent films. 'Kala Gnanam', one of my films, received recognition at New York and Mumbai Film Festivals. I have worked in software in the past. I quit the field and worked as a cinematographer. I then moved to script-writing.

I have got a library of bound scripts. Some of my scripts have been made into successful films in the past. I once approached a producer with a script. The film would cost Rs 1.5 Cr. But he couldn't invest that much. So, keeping budgetary constraints in mind, we shot the film in a building. Around the same time, my father died due to cancer. A good thing and a bad thing happened to me in life at once.

I have travelled with Aravind Krishna, the actor, for four years. His diction and baritone are strong. Whenever I met him, he would come across as a new person. He hasn't charged anything to do 'Shukra'. We worked hard for more than a year.

A lot of films have come in the action and crime genres. 'Shukra' is different from all of them. OTT is these days full of content-driven movies. 'Shukra' will make you forget such rich content. After watching the movie, you will think about the hero, director and cinematographer.

'Shukra' carries no expectations. The audience will watch it without any expectations. If you have watched the trailer and songs, you will feel like watching the movie. The story takes place in a building. Yet, it's gripping. The film doesn't deviate from its central point.

When you use fruits to glamourize a song, you remember K Raghavendra Rao garu. When you want to emotionalize a situation, you remember SS Rajamouli's style.

Everyone who has watched the previews of 'Shukra' are positive. I am now waiting for the audience's response.  

Updated on April 19, 2021